Principal’s Message

I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled about officially commencing the 2018 school year next week! Students, parents, grandparents, friends and family, we look forward to welcoming you back to Parklands.

As I look out of my window, the campus is quiet, the classrooms are tidy but empty, and the playgrounds are idle. I see a beautiful campus at rest but full of anticipation for the big rush and excitement of week 1. Staff walk up and down the footpaths making final preparations for the arrival of students. They are attending countless meetings and professional development sessions to be as best prepared as they can for the important task of educating your children this year. All of this preparation is done to fulfil our purpose of caring for our students through a quality Christian education that inspires them to flourish, to love God and love others as themselves.

A very special hello to all families who are joining Parklands this year. You are very warmly welcomed, and we hope that we will connect and get to know each other very quickly, in true Parklands spirit. You would already have experienced that we like to see ourselves as more than just a school. We are a community with an exceptional ‘culture of care’ that supports one another as we do life together, and everyone is invited to be a part of it.

For those of you who have children starting in Prep, may you be comforted in your journey of letting go. We’ll have a ‘tears and tissues’ event organised for you on the first day, and a wonderfully caring Prep team is going to love and care for your children from the first day. If your child is stepping up into high school, we are also ready to assist them on their journey of growing up. Our new Year 7 area was finalised over the holidays, providing a central space for these young teenagers to get used to life and learning in high school.

Driving along Rosia Road, you will notice that our building program has progressed at a steady pace over the holidays. We are on track to deliver our new Hospitality Centre and Vocational Education classrooms to our secondary school after the term 1 holidays. This year will feature many other exciting new things at Parklands, so I encourage you to stay connected through this newsletter or, even better, by attending our many community events whenever you can.

As you are making your final preparations for the year ahead, I pray for God’s peace and grace to be present in your families. See you soon!

Mr Johannes Solymosi

Head of Secondary

Welcome back to the start of what is going to be a great year! We are looking forward to the opportunities and experiences that are …


Head of Secondary

Welcome back to the start of what is going to be a great year! We are looking forward to the opportunities and experiences that are ahead of us for 2018. As the new academic year approaches, it’s time to get organised, plan out the year and be ready for the busyness that comes with school life.  Below is some important information to assist with getting organised.  Don’t forget to keep checking the College Calendar and Facebook for the latest details in our Secondary College.

First Day Orientation Procedures

  • Individual student timetables will be distributed to students during orientation.
  • Pastoral Care class lists will also be on display at Student Services for orientation.

Middle School

Year 7: Tuesday 23rd January

(Summer Academic Uniform)

  • Year 7 will assemble in the Function Room on Tuesday for an 8.30am start.
    • Students only need to bring one writing book, their iPad, and pencil case for the day. Please leave all other stationary at home. During orientation, students will be instructed when booklist items will be required.
    • Students should leave their bags at S1 or S3 prior to 8:30am (Enter via Gate 1, off Hillcrest Road).

Years 8-9: Tuesday 23rd January (Camping until Thursday 25th)

  • Students are to assemble for camp in the Function Room on Tuesday at 7.15am.
  • On Monday 29th (summer academic uniform) meet at the Function Room for an 8.30am start.
    • Yr8 & 9 orientation is for periods 1-5. Students are to bring one writing book, their iPad, and pencil case for orientation. Students are to be prepared for normal classes on Friday for periods 6-7.
    • Yr8 should leave their bags at: S5 & S6 and Yr9 on the Home Ec veranda prior to 8:30am.

Senior College

Years 10-12: Wednesday 24th January

(Sport Uniform)

  • Years 10, 11 & 12 will assemble in the Church Auditorium on Wednesday for an 8.30am start. Year 7 will join the Senior students for a Welcome Back assembly with staff.
    • Senior orientation is for periods 1-3. Seniors are to be prepared for normal classes and sport on Wednesday for periods 4-7.
    • Students should drop their bags at the Science Centre prior to 8:30am.
Year Pastoral Care Teacher
Yr 7a Mrs Alanah Braun
Yr 7b Mr Joshua Leembruggen
Yr 8a Mr Ken Luke
Yr 8b Mrs Mandy Ross
Yr 9a Mr Michael Braun
Yr 9b Mr Lindsay Huf
Yr 10a Mr Kristoff Todd
Yr 10b Mr Tygue Crawford
Yr 11a Mr Zachary Cunningham
Yr 11b Mrs Cleo Smith
Yr 12a Miss Jessica Grounds
Yr 12b Miss Julia Matthews

New Staff Members and Appointments

 We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the following staff members to the Secondary College team:

  • Miss Abbey Dixon: English/History (6 month maternity contract)
  • Mr Michael Bakker: Mathematics/Science
  • Mr Tygue Crawford: Mathematics/Science
  • Mrs Cherry Corino: Visual Art, History (Welcomed back after maternity leave)
  • Mrs Kristie Schulz: Biology, Science, Mathematics (Welcomed back after maternity leave)
  • Sister Monique Singh: Visual Art/Graphics (Maternity contract commencing mid Term 1)

Camping Programs

Our Middle School Camping program for Yr 7-9 will take place this year during weeks 1 and 3. Our students will be at the following locations:

  • Yr 7 at Emu Gully Adventure Camp: Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th February
  • Yr 8 at Mapleton Conference and Camping Centre: Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th January
  • Yr 9 at Bornhoffen Outdoor Education Centre: Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th January

We highly value the outcomes of our camping programs and as such it is a compulsory part of the academic program. Parents of students not attending camp should notify the Head of Secondary via the College office on 3380 4200 or via email at:

In Senior College, the Student Leadership teams will either be travelling to the 2018 Compass Christian Schools Conference in Canberra from 2nd to 6th March or to the Sports Leadership Camp at Burleigh Heads from 4th to 6th March. The Year 11 leadership camp will be run as a compulsory camp for all of our Year 11 students at Emu Gully in Term 3, from the 19th to 21st September. More details regarding this camp will be forthcoming.

We trust that 2018 will be a blessed year, and we are looking forward to working with you all. If you have any queries, you may contact us via the College office on 3380 4200 or via email at: or

Head of Primary

As the students would say; “Only 3 more sleeps to go to the start of school” I trust you have had a blessed festive season, …


Head of Primary

As the students would say; “Only 3 more sleeps to go to the start of school

I trust you have had a blessed festive season, a good school holiday and are looking forward to the start of the school term.

Primary School First Day Procedure – Monday 22nd January

Grade Teacher
Prep H Ms Sally Hollands
Prep K Ms Tegan Kunne
Gr 1 C Mrs Kelly Clausen
Gr 1 G Mrs Robyn Gowreah
Gr 2 E Mrs Lisa Edwards
Gr 2 K Mrs Julie Koplick
Gr 3 A Mrs Rachael Abbot
Gr 3 K Mr Joshua Kennedy
Gr 4 B Mr Michael Bradshaw
Gr 4 P Mr Daniel Patane
Gr 5 N Miss Clara Needs
Gr 5 S Miss Elizabeth Strubin
Gr 6 G Mr Dookun Gowreah
Gr 6 H Mr Mark Holman
  1. Arrive and make your way to your child’s classroom (see map below)
  2. Drop your child’s bag off at their classroom, say ‘Goodbye’ and leave OR
  3. Meet their teacher and or teacher aide
  4. As a class, students will be taken to the auditorium at 8.40am by the teacher
  5. We’ll have a short Assembly
  6. With the class teacher, take your child back to their classroom and:
    1. Try leaving the classroom as soon as possible, if your child is happy
    2. If your child is distressed, follow the teacher’s lead in settling them
    3. Parents are invited to stay as long as they need or take your child home if too distressed
  7. Make your way to the Parent’s Retreat in the Function Room for a tea/coffee and a chat.


Class Placement

By now you should have received the ‘Welcome Letter’ informing you who your child’s teacher will be. If you haven’t as yet received this informative email, would you please contact Sheryl Cherry in the Admin office on 33804211 or via email on

“I have learned to be content” (Philippians 4:11)

We believe God has a destiny for every student in our school. He has already placed within them the skills, gifts and talents that they need so as to become the person God intended them to be. We are also blessed to have excellent teachers at Parklands because of God’s call on their life. Staff spend an enormous amount of time praying and working through the issues involved with class placements and in trying to ensure that students are with the right teacher and classes are well balanced. The matters of learning style, academic ability, behavioural concerns, student & staff personality, friendships, as well as social and emotional needs are earnestly discussed in the whole class selection process. Please bear in mind that friendships aren’t the main reason for class placements, being with the teacher that best suits their learning style is the key factor!

A reminder, we do not accommodate requests from parents to swap class placements. It is an extremely difficult task that is complicated by requests for and against staff and other students or friends. We ask that you would pray for wisdom and discernment for your child’s teacher as they look to care for and meet the needs of each student.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this regard and look forward to seeing a wonderful working relationship develop between teacher, student and parent!

Rosia Rd Carpark and Drop Off Areas

Here is a reminder of what we do to make the ‘Drop Off’ process easier, quicker, efficient and more practical for parents:  In order to speed up the PREP drop off & sign in, we ask parents to pull into the ‘drop off bays’ just in front of the Prep classes, where staff and Grade 6 leaders will be present to assist ‘Preppies’ get bags out and then escort them directly into class.  A teacher at the gate, with class lists will sign in your prep child without you even getting out of the car! The Prep student will then follow their normal day’s procedure once ‘signed in’ and in the classroom!

All Grade 1-6 students and parents will follow the “normal” drop off / parking procedures and students can individually walk up or be escorted up to the undercover area by parents once they have parked in the lower car park bays.  Please don’t leave your car or park in any of the Drop Off bays past the Pedestrian Crossing. ALL student pick up is as per the usual procedure, explained by staff. Please drive slowly (20klm) and carefully through the school car parks, especially vigilant around the pedestrian crossing! Thank you for your understanding, patience, flexibility and support in this regard.


Students will be informed (according to their time table) as to which days they need to wear Sport or Academic uniform! Can we please ask that you assist us in ensuring the students are correctly dressed in the right uniform each day?

If unsure about uniform items or correct uniform requirements, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, the RTC / Uniform Store staff or check the school’s website.

Would you please be so kind as to ensure that ALL uniform items are clearly labelled with the student’s name?

Trusting you have a great year as we look to work together to educate your child.


Mr. Jakins


Back to School BBQ

Back to School Information Night & BBQ 2018


School Transport Assistance Scheme

School Transport Assistance Scheme The Queensland Government offers financial assistance to parents of both state and non-state school students travelling to and from school daily …


School Transport Assistance Scheme

School Transport Assistance Scheme

The Queensland Government offers financial assistance to parents of both state and non-state school students travelling to and from school daily by private arrangement. This is known as STAS (School Transport Assistance Scheme).

Please phone the Gold Coast office on 5630 8857 to clarify your eligibility. Alternatively you can visit their website

Park Ridge Transit school bus passes for 2018.

All students with no change of school or home address details will have a new bus pass printed automatically and they will available for collection from the Park Ridge Transit office between 9th January 2018 to 20th January 2018.  Once the first day of school arrives no passes will be available for collection as they will be sorted and sent out with the school bus drivers.

New applications for the 2018 school year are now being accepted at the Park Ridge office.

Please call Park Ridge Transit on 3802 1233 or email if you have questions regarding bus passes or bus routes.


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2018 Term Dates

2018 Term Dates Starting Dates for 2018 Prep-6 – Mon 22 Jan Years 7-9 – Tue 23 Jan Years 10-12 Wed 24 Jan 2018 Student …


2018 Term Dates

2018 Term Dates

1Mon 22 Jan – Wed 28 March10 weeksAutumnThurs 29 March – Mon 16 April2 weeks
2Tue 17 April – Fri 22 June10 weeksWinterSat 23 June – Sun 15 July3 weeks
3Mon 16 July – Fri 21 Sept10 weeksSpringSat 22 Sep – Sun 7 Oct2 weeks
4Mon 8 Oct – Fri 30 Nov8 weeksSummerSat 1 Dec – Mon 28 Jan 20198 weeks

Starting Dates for 2018

  • Prep-6 – Mon 22 Jan
  • Years 7-9 – Tue 23 Jan
  • Years 10-12 Wed 24 Jan

2018 Student Free Dates

  • Monday 15 January – Friday 19 January
  • Monday 16 April
  • Monday 25 June – Friday 29 June
  • Friday 17 August
  • Monday 22 October (State-wide Moderation Day)
  • Monday 3 December – Friday 7 December

2018 Finishing Dates

  • Year 12 – Friday 16 November
  • Years 10-11 – Friday 23 November
  • Prep-9 – Friday 30 November

2018 Queensland Public Holidays

The following list shows holidays within the 2018 academic year:

  • Australia Day – Friday 26 January
  • Good Friday – Friday 30 March
  • Easter Monday – Monday 2 April
  • ANZAC Day – Wednesday 25 April
  • Labour Day – Monday 7 May
  • Royal Qld Show (EKKA) – Monday 13 August
  • Queen’s Birthday – Monday 1 October

Secondary Exam Weeks

Students are expected to be present on the dates listed. Do not book holidays or plan for your child to be away during exam weeks. Alternate exam sitting times may not be available in some cases.

  • Term 1 – Monday 19 March – Friday 23 March
  • Term 2 – Monday 11 June – Friday 15 June
  • Term 3 – Monday 10 September – Friday 14 September
  • Term 4 – Year 12: Monday 5 November – Monday 12 November
    Term 4 – Years 10-11: Monday 19 November – Friday 23 November
    Term 4 – Years 7-9: Monday 26 November – Thursday 29 November

NAPLAN – Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 only

  • Tuesday 15 May – Thursday 17 May

QCS Test – Year 12 only

  • Tuesday 4 September
  • Wednesday 5 September

2018 School Day

Start: 8.30am
Primary Finish: 3.10pm
Secondary Finish: 3.20pm

Student Care and Wellbeing

Meet our Team for 2018! From the whole Student Care & Wellbeing Team welcome back to Parklands. There are some exciting events that we will …


Student Care and Wellbeing

Meet our Team for 2018!

From the whole Student Care & Wellbeing Team welcome back to Parklands. There are some exciting events that we will be participating in this year including the back to school BBQ, Year 5 strength/shine, Year 9 strength/shine, Loving our Kids on Purpose parent courses, Resilient YOU+ME+US, Resilient friends program AND in August Loving on Purpose Conference 2018 with Danny and Sheri Silk.

Bernii Godwin
Senior Social Worker/RTP Coordinator
Masters of Social Work; Bach of Human Services (Youth and Family major); Bach of Criminology & Criminal Justice. Grad Cert Neuropsychotherapy (current)
Onsite Monday-Friday

Laura Robinson
Social Worker/RTP Facilitator
Bachelor of Social Work
Onsite Monday-Friday

Zac Wassenburg
RTP Facilitator
Bachelor of Theology
Yr 5 Strength Facilitator
Primary Mentor Program
Onsite Wednesday

Angela Jackman
Administration Support
Works offsite from Ireland

Justin Crawford
Social Worker/RTP Facilitator
Bachelor of Social Work
Loving Our Kids On Purpose Program Administrator
Onsite Monday-Friday

Angela Broughton
RTP Facilitator
Bachelor of Human Services/Youth Work
Year 9 Shine Facilitator
Onsite Monday-Friday

Jo Edwards
Student Care & Wellbeing Facilitator
Bachelor of Human Services
Resilient Friends Program
Resilient ME Facilitator
Year 5 Shine Facilitator
Onsite Monday-Friday

Michelle Kissick
RTP Administration Support
Loving Our Kids On Purpose Assistant