Coordinator of Senior College

End of Year Events

As another school year comes to a close, I would like to take the time to congratulate all the senior students in Years 10-12. It has been a remarkable year and most pleasing to work alongside all senior students, who have largely demonstrated great attitudes to their studies, and perhaps of greater importance, a respect and care for those around them. It has been an incredibly busy time, with many end of year events taking place. The Secondary Awards Night was a time of celebration for students and their families of individual achievements for the academic year.

Of special mention are our trophy recipients as follows:

Year 10

Christlikeness Award: Courtney Jurd

Dux: Ryan Mitchell

Principals Award: McKeely DeThier

Year 11

Christlikeness Award: Elisabeth Degen

Dux: Bronte Robertson

Principals Award: Joel Kilmartin

Year 12

Christlikeness Awards: Rebekah Swinn & Minh Le

Dux: Amber Hankins

Principals Award: Tahlya Anderson

Congratulations to all of our senior students on their achievements.

We have fare welled the graduating “Class of 2017” who have been an absolutely wonderful class of seniors to work alongside. It’s been a huge journey, totalling thirteen years of formal education. There have been countless extracurricular activities that have formed a well-rounded experience of school life combined with the huge task of completing senior school work. Earning your Year 12 qualifications is a major task; often combined with the juggling of school based traineeships or apprenticeships, casual jobs, church, sporting and family commitments – this equals an immense workload. I have once again admired the resilience of our graduates, particularly throughout the gruelling senior years. It has definitely been through much grit, determination and hard work that every one of our seniors have now completed their journey in secondary school successfully. 100% of our graduating students will receive their Queensland Certificate of Education. Well done seniors!


Of greater importance than gaining qualifications has been the character and integrity that the senior class have so aptly displayed. Through all the busyness of school life, we have been thrilled to see the seniors grow into fine young adults. Many have led by Christ’s example and exceeded our expectations in so many ways. My prayer is that all of our graduating students trust in, and really lean on God in life’s journey ahead. To finish, we celebrated with the Year 12 formal at Sirromet Winery on Friday 17th November. It was a wonderful evening of celebrations.

We have also welcomed in our new student leadership for 2018. A very warm congratulations to the following students.

College Captains: Elisabeth Degen and Jasper Martinov

College Vice Captains: Jaden Glass and Bronte Robertson

Arts Captains: Joel Kilmartin and Kassidy Lane
College Vice Captain – Academic Liaison: Henry Campbell, Shannon Green
College Vice Captain – Community Liaison: Chloe Smith, Joshua Prevett, Tianna Curling
College Vice Captain – Missions Liaison: Chloe Sampson
Sports Captain Samuel House: Callum Dagg, Joel Smith
Sports Captain Joshua House: Harrison Garlick, Montana Weber

After a very productive and busy academic year for all, happy summer holidays! Prayers for a blessed Christmas season with your families and I very much look forward to seeing you all in 2018. May God bless you and keep you so abundantly,

Mrs Rebecca Wallis


AFL Q CUP Primary Boys – Years 4-6   Due to the success in primary AFL, we are looking for interest from years 4 to …



AFL Q CUP Primary Boys – Years 4-6  

Due to the success in primary AFL, we are looking for interest from years 4 to 6 boys in 2018 who are interested in training in AFL to represent Parklands in a 15 side competition called the 2018 Tribal Sport AFL Queensland School Cup.

Trainings will be during structured play time and the games will take place at a gala day in early March.
Please keep an ear out for more information being sent out in early 2018.
Mr. Lewis

2018 Term Dates

2018 Term Dates Starting Dates for 2018 Prep-6 – Mon 22 Jan Years 7-9 – Tue 23 Jan Years 10-12 Wed 24 Jan 2018 Student …


2018 Term Dates

2018 Term Dates

1Mon 22 Jan – Wed 28 March10 weeksAutumnThurs 29 March – Mon 16 April2 weeks
2Tue 17 April – Fri 22 June10 weeksWinterSat 23 June – Sun 15 July3 weeks
3Mon 16 July – Fri 21 Sept10 weeksSpringSat 22 Sep – Sun 7 Oct2 weeks
4Mon 8 Oct – Fri 30 Nov8 weeksSummerSat 1 Dec – Mon 28 Jan 20198 weeks

Starting Dates for 2018

  • Prep-6 – Mon 22 Jan
  • Years 7-9 – Tue 23 Jan
  • Years 10-12 Wed 24 Jan

2018 Student Free Dates

  • Monday 15 January – Friday 19 January
  • Monday 16 April
  • Monday 25 June – Friday 29 June
  • Friday 17 August
  • Monday 22 October (State-wide Moderation Day)
  • Monday 3 December – Friday 7 December

2018 Finishing Dates

  • Year 12 – Friday 16 November
  • Years 10-11 – Friday 23 November
  • Prep-9 – Friday 30 November

2018 Queensland Public Holidays

The following list shows holidays within the 2018 academic year:

  • Australia Day – Friday 26 January
  • Good Friday – Friday 30 March
  • Easter Monday – Monday 2 April
  • ANZAC Day – Wednesday 25 April
  • Labour Day – Monday 7 May
  • Royal Qld Show (EKKA) – Monday 13 August
  • Queen’s Birthday – Monday 1 October

Secondary Exam Weeks

Students are expected to be present on the dates listed. Do not book holidays or plan for your child to be away during exam weeks. Alternate exam sitting times may not be available in some cases.

  • Term 1 – Monday 19 March – Friday 23 March
  • Term 2 – Monday 11 June – Friday 15 June
  • Term 3 – Monday 10 September – Friday 14 September
  • Term 4 – Year 12: Monday 5 November – Monday 12 November
    Term 4 – Years 10-11: Monday 19 November – Friday 23 November
    Term 4 – Years 7-9: Monday 26 November – Thursday 29 November

NAPLAN – Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 only

  • Tuesday 15 May – Thursday 17 May

QCS Test – Year 12 only

  • Tuesday 4 September
  • Wednesday 5 September

2018 School Day

Start: 8.30am
Primary Finish: 3.10pm
Secondary Finish: 3.20pm

Student Care and Wellbeing

Do you feel loved when someone offers to take you out for a coffee? Or what about if they clean your house? Maybe if they …


Student Care and Wellbeing

Do you feel loved when someone offers to take you out for a coffee? Or what about if they clean your house? Maybe if they straight out let you know that they love you? Knowing someone’s love language allows us the secret to making the people we care about know that we love them. What about your kids? How do they express and receive love?

As we head into the holidays and time with our families, consider how you can let your children know how you feel about them. If your child responds to words of affirmation, actions will not speak louder than words. Just by hearing the words ‘I love you’ can instantly make them feel loved. The words of affirmation child loves to be complimented and to hear that they are doing a good job and how. Maybe write them a note and let them know that you love them and what it is that you love about them.

A quality time person feels loved when they have your undivided attention. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like sitting down with them and asking them how they are. You may like to consider taking your child/ren out for a milkshake or baby chino, just you and them, or setting aside a time when they can choose the activity. It doesn’t have to cost a thing, even a walk or a trip to the park. Either way it’s about saying I’m making time to for you.

Perhaps your child responds well to receiving gifts. This does not necessarily mean that you need to be continually buying them things to let them know that you love them. This child loves the thoughtfulness and care behind a gift, so it may be picking a flower for them or making them something simple such as a card or scrap book of memories. Even though it may drive you crazy at times, let your child keep mementos from special occasions like napkins or stones. Whatever it may be, it’s simply something that says I was thinking about you.

If your child is an acts of service person then hopefully they will recognise your love for them every day in all that you do for them! But acts of service does not necessarily mean you have to do everything for them. Make your acts of service personal to this child. Perhaps cooking their favourite meal just for them or help them out with their assigned chore. You might like to work on building something together. This child feels loved when you take the time to do something as an act of love specifically for them.

To the child who experiences love through physical touch it’s pretty straightforward – nothing says I love you like cuddles, kisses, back rubs or holding their hand. But what about as your child becomes a teenager and suddenly your kisses and hugs seem unwanted or awkward to them? Especially in public! Because this child still experiences love by physical touch it’s important not to stop doing these things, but instead keep it age appropriate. When you are talking to your child sit next to them, maybe put your arm around them or rub them on the back. Physical presence is vital for this child.

To find out more about the 5 love languages, or to take the quiz to find out what your child’s love language is go to

Mindfulness Exercises for Children

The Power of Listening

Ring a bell, a wind chime, or anything else that creates a long trailing sound. Ask each child to listen, and silently raise their hand when they can no longer hear the sound. After the ringing ends, ask the children to continue listening to any other sounds they can hear for the next minute. When the minute ends, go around the room asking everyone to tell you what sounds they heard.

Featured Apps for Teenagers/Young Adults

 Reach Out Worry Time

Helps control anxiety by scheduling worry so that it is confined to a specific time each day. (Free)


Includes strategies to relax and develop more helpful ways of thinking. (Free)


Includes self-care notices, gratitude and a relaxation centre (free).


Promotes good self-esteem and positive communication between young people.

Bully Beater

Assists teenagers to develop the skills needed to overcome a bully.

Friend Maker

Assists teenagers to develop skills needed to make and keep a friend.


Secondary News

Senior Art Exhibition 3 On the 2nd of November, the Library Function was once again transformed into an art gallery as Senior student artworks were …


Secondary News

Senior Art Exhibition 3

On the 2nd of November, the Library Function was once again transformed into an art gallery as Senior student artworks were proudly displayed across the room. It was a great end to a fantastic year of artworks as students expressed and presented their personal thoughts, creativity, and inspirations, in their own unique way. From paintings, sculptures, and interactive installations, the senior students have showcased consistent talent and an eye for art. Well done students! We can’t wait to see what you create next.


Head of Primary

2017 – The year that was! Wow, how this year has flown by! It seemed like just the other day I was welcoming this year’s …


Head of Primary

2017 – The year that was!

Wow, how this year has flown by! It seemed like just the other day I was welcoming this year’s Prep students and parents to the school for the first time. By the time you read this article the academic year will be finished and Christmas will soon be upon you.
Can I say we have had a busy but very enjoyable year!  Apart from all the ‘usual’ fun class teaching, sporting carnivals and great events, here are some features and highlights for the year:

  • We welcomed our new Headmaster, Mr. Solymosi – who was often ‘out and about’ and visiting classes
  • Two, full classes per Grade all the way through Primary School
  • A splendid, very informative and enjoyable Back to School BBQ evening
  • First Primary Swimming Carnival
  • A fun Grade 5 & 6 Camp
  • iPads used extensively in Gr 5 and Gr 6
  • Gr 5 & 6 students use Secondary Science Labs
  • New Canteen
  • Face Book used more readily as an information / communication tool
  • Productive Parent / Teacher Interviews and Profile Night registration done ‘on line’
  • Drop Off Area process monitored by staff and the Gr 6 leaders really worked well this year
  • New walkways, fences and signs in and around the school
  • New Bell sound and song of a morning
  • Support a Reader, Friendship Groups and Learn for Life program increased in the school
  • Improved results for the NAPLAN Test
  • ICAS testing (English, Maths and Science) well supported and students did well.
  • On line subscriptions and resources (e.g. Literacy Planet, Reading Eggs, ClickView) were increased and improved
  • Resource Room working well and Mrs. Bayer has done a wonderful job promoting books and reading.
  • Lots of new wonderful class resources like Library books, class readers and teaching aids were purchased
  • Student Leadership of Captains, Vice Captains, Class Ambassadors, Sport, Library, Art & Music Captains did a wonderful job this year
  • Litter Legends and Carpet Champions given badges and esteemed in recognition of their role
  • A fun and well attended Grand Parents Day was held in the Auditorium and new Sports Centre
  • Prep Readiness Testing and Orientation Day enabled staff, Preppies and Prep parents to become acquainted with the ‘Parklands Way’
  • Gr 6 Graduation Ceremony took place in the Library Function Room
  • Gr 6 Transition Day allowing students to experience Middle School staff and venues
  • Pro Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Softball and Netball coaching plus lots of different sport training (athletics, Cross Country) offered during morning or Structured Playtime
  • Gr 6 Table Tennis training offered
  • Athletics Carnival held on our top oval and ran smoothly.
  • Students play in second half of lunch time and have lots of fun
  • Duty staff monitored games/soccer played on oval, during structured play
  • Top oval, fields and new Baskerville Sports Centre used for training and HPE
  • Came 4th in the CSSA Swimming Carnival
  • Came 4th in the CSSA Cross Country Carnival
  • Came 1st in the CSSA Athletics Carnival
  • Soccer and Netball Teams did well in CSSA Team Games
  • AFL boys and girls team unbeaten through the season
  • Carols on the Green Event was well supported
  • Choir performances in Chapels, Grand Plaza, Open Day and Carols on the Green
  • Parklands came 2nd in the Grand Plaza Choir performance competition
  • Parklands did very well in Wakkakirri – received wonderful feedback.
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Stall brought great joy and excitement to the students

In preparing for 2018 can we please ask that you allow the teachers, who only want the BEST for and who know your child here at school, to place them in the care of their next year’s teacher? This ‘student placement process’ is taken very seriously and is extremely inclusive and involved taking into consideration factors like: academic ability & rigour, gender ratios, student & teacher personalities & character, social / behavioural and emotional factors!

In the New Year, students will receive an informative “Welcome Letter” from their new 2018 class teacher notifying them as to which classroom they’ll be in. Thank you for your understanding, support and assistance in this regard.

Staffing for 2018

– The amazing, long serving Mrs. Kerry Foster has resigned and Ms. Tegan Kunne has been appointed to the position of Prep Teacher for next year.

– Mrs. Bourchier’s husband has been transferred to Sydney for a year’s business contract so Jess is taking a year’s leave to go with him. Her replacement is TBA.

– Mrs. Desley Finlay’s one year contract for Louise McNabb has unfortunately not been renewed and her replacement is yet to be advised.

– Mrs. Penny Daley is going to further her studies and become the Primary School Head of Teaching and learning/Curriculum so Mrs. Julie Koplick will be replacing her in Grade 2.

We wish Kerry, Jess, Desley and Penny everything of the very best for the future and know the students will be in great hands with the wonderful replacement staff we will be appointing.


  1. Structured Play starts at 2.30pm.   Students can be collected at the Undercover Area by a guardian any time from 2.30pm.
  2. The end of the Primary School Day is at 3.10pm.
  3. Students need to be collected from the Undercover Area by a guardian or older sibling and cannot leave on their own.
  4. Students not collected by 3.30pm will be taken up to Student Services where they will be supervised until 4pm.

We continue to welcome parent involvement in the classrooms, at functions, sporting events, swimming and in all areas of the school so as to help the teacher but also to add value to your child’s education. It’s wonderful to see Mums and Dads reading to children, helping tie shoe laces after swimming and sitting on the bus going off on an excursion or camp. Please feel free to continue to offer your assistance to the staff!

Thank you everyone for a great 2017! We wish you all the best for the Christmas Season and an enjoyable safe holiday.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday the 22nd  January 2018 for a fantastic New Year.


Mr. Jakins


Head of Secondary

Staff Farewells It’s a joy to celebrate with our staff who are embarking on the adventure of having a, or in some cases another, child!  …


Head of Secondary

Staff Farewells

It’s a joy to celebrate with our staff who are embarking on the adventure of having a, or in some cases another, child!  We congratulate Mr Josh Leembruggen and his wife, Rachel, who recently welcomed their second son.  And best wishes to Mrs Rebecca Taylor and Mrs Hannah Reynolds, who head on maternity leave, and Mrs Kirrily Littlefield whose contract finishes now but who is also expecting in the new year.

We say thank you to Mrs Jodie Bazley who worked in Secondary this year to cover maternity leave, along with her Primary days.  We also thank Mrs Susan Radke and Mrs Julie Koplick who covered contracts this Semester.  Thank you all for not just stepping in to cover these classes, but for taking them on as your own and going above and beyond to look after our students and being a valued part of our staff.

We wish you all God’s richest blessings in your next phase, and thank each of you for your service and dedication to Parklands Christian College.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017

From your pranks in Year 8 Maths to your natural leadership in Year 12, it has been such a joy and honour to cheer you through your Secondary journey.  As a cohort, you have demonstrated impressive unity and stability, which has been so important for the younger year levels to see.  You’ve also shown a strong sense of joy and encouragement, for each other and for all those around you.  Thank you for being excellent role models this year, I’m so grateful to have had your leadership support.

In Pastoral Care and Christian Life Skills classes this year, we have provided opportunities and skills for you to learn about how God has wired and gifted you and we pray that you stay close to His path for your life.  During your Parklands journey, you will have seen the CLEAR values demonstrated in various ways and we trust that you continue to cling to these values, as they will hold you in good stead in life.  Through our staff’s transparency, you will have learnt that life isn’t always clear cut, but when we hold on to God He is our rock and His love surrounds us during tough times, which makes them bearable and often transformative.  And transformation is quite the theme at Parklands, isn’t it?!  Let your experiences be opportunities for growth.  Don’t be disheartened when you make a mistake or something bad happens – these are realities.  But they don’t have to stay negatives; if we use them as learning experiences and opportunities to demonstrate inner strength and share joy and kindness in those moments, then these experiences can be the making of us.  Of course, it’s always easier to get things right first go, and you are equipped with principles for your best life and a reflective practice to help you make great decisions.

So embrace the adventure ahead of you, knowing that you are well prepared and that we are cheering you on!  It was lovely to spend the final days with you, listening to guest speakers, throwing coloured powder at each other, laughing at you on the giant slip n slide, calling your names at your final Awards Night, tearing up with you at Graduation, and celebrating at the Formal.  Keep in touch, we would love to hear how you are going!


Primary News

Prep Circus Day The Prep staff and students alike had an awesome final day to the year with the annual Circus Day. After touring the …


Primary News

Prep Circus Day

The Prep staff and students alike had an awesome final day to the year with the annual Circus Day. After touring the Primary classrooms to show off their costumes, the Preps enjoyed the “Smartie Pants” clown show before heading to the Little Learners Centre to for an afternoon on the jumping castle. It was definitely a memorable way to finish our year before graduating to ‘big school’.

Mrs Foster, Miss B, Mrs Finlay and Mrs Hollenberg

Year One

Term 4 has brought about some wonderful experiences for all of us in Year 1. We are so proud of each and every child this year and will miss everyone terribly. Thank you Parents for your ongoing support and love this year. We truly appreciate all you have done to contribute to your child’s learning journey this year.

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the excursion to Sea World. It was a lovely day and a fantastic way to experience ‘up close’ how animals need different environments and conditions to survive.

Our Year 8 students also blessed us with a wonderful afternoon of activities in the last week of the term. The afternoon was well organised and the children had a great time participating in all the games and craft activities. Thank you Year 8!

We pray all of our Year 1 families have a blessed Christmas and a safe holiday break. We hope to see you around Parklands in 2018!

Mrs Clausen, Mrs Gowreah and Mrs Marsh

Year 2

Thank you for a wonderful year. It has been amazing to watch the growth of your children this year and we have enjoyed every moment of it.

To finish off the year we had a fantastic excursion to Dreamworld. The students had the opportunity to consolidate their learning of Indigenous cultures and explore the rides as a fun way to finish off all our hard work this year.

We would like to leave a few thoughts with our students for their future…

‘Believe in yourself
Ask if you don’t understand
Try your best
Be respectful of others
Use your manners
Listen to your teachers and your parents
Be kind to others and yourself
Most importantly, enjoy life with God as your guide.’

Have a blessed and relaxed Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all next year as you enter the next stage of your learning journey as Year 3’s.

Thank you,

Mrs. Penelope Daley, Mrs Jessica Bourchier
Mrs Pat Buckley and Mrs Nicole Lowe

Year 4

Late in term 4 Grade 4’s attended an incursion from Street Science “Rocket Science, the forces of Light”. This was a dynamic stage show that engaged all the students with hands on activities. The year 4 classes enjoyed the activities and were engaged in learning about Science. We intend to make this a yearly event.

Year 4 teachers

Year 6

As another year draws to a close, it is amazing to see all that has been achieved by the year 6 students. From the Primary Camp in week 3 through to the Graduation ceremony and awards night. The year 6 students have worked diligently and tirelessly throughout the year on each assessment piece, each report, and every step. In the last few weeks of their Primary school journey, the year 6 students were rewarded with an excursion to Dreamworld, where they not only had the opportunity to learn about Bilby’s, their natural habitat and food web, but also had the opportunity to go on a range of different rides.

Looking back over the year, as teachers we would like to thank all the students and parents for their support. We thank you for your willingness to work hard, we thank you for those parents who could join us on excursions and thank the students for making this year the best they could.

Whilst it is onwards and upwards for the Class of 2017, so it is also with year 6. We never stand still and we are always looking at how we can improve and 2018 will be no different.

Mr Holman, Mr Gowreah, Miss Warman and Ms Cooke

Primary Choirs

This year both Primary choirs have had an enjoyable year singing. Our Junior Choir welcomed some new Year 2’s who did an amazing job performing on stage and learning words to songs. There were plenty of performance opportunities throughout the year, including the Fete, Chapel Performances and Grandparents day. Both Choirs put in amazing efforts to sound great!

One of the highlights  was the Year 5-6 choir members singing at the Grand Plaza in a Christmas Carols competition. Parkland’s performance was outstanding and they received 2nd place in the competition. All students can be proud of this great achievement. The Year 6’s will be missed as they start middle school, some who have been attending choir since Year 2.

I’d like to thank all parents for their support by getting up early or picking students up late so they can attend rehearsals. Your support is so valuable.

Suzanne Patane

Primary Music Specialist

Principal’s Message

I am so incredibly thankful to all of you at Parklands for welcoming me so warmly this year. It has been an exciting, inspiring, challenging, …


Principal’s Message

I am so incredibly thankful to all of you at Parklands for welcoming me so warmly this year. It has been an exciting, inspiring, challenging, eye-opening experience all the way through. I am grateful for all the many new people that I have been privileged to meet, from supportive colleagues, welcoming parents, sweet Prep students all the way through to a memorable bunch of Year 12s.

I can’t repeat often enough how much I have learned during this year. My most significant takeaway so far is all about how our College’s value of Christlikeness interacts with our Culture of Care. At the end of the day, what counts at Parklands is that every student finds a welcoming, accepting and loving place in which it is safe to grow, develop, make the necessary mistakes and learn from them, and to achieve your personal best through encouragement and support. This kind of care ultimately inspires students to flourish, to love God and to love others as themselves, as our mission statement says. I believe that if this is at the heart of a school, everything else that it should achieve will be possible.

As our teachers are wrapping up the year today and everything is being finalised to welcome our students and families back to 2018, I wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas time with your loved ones. I hope that you will find enough time to refresh and restore, to connect with others and to celebrate God showing himself to us so humbly through his son Jesus.

Next year will see much growth, development and learning as we do life together as a big learning community. We will welcome some new families, give our best effort in the pursuit of learning and excellence, and trust God that he will complete our efforts. Through all the ups and downs of life together, we will be there to support each other in God-inspired love. It will be good to have a break, but I am looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Thank you to everyone who has played and will play a part in making life at Parklands so meaningful and pleasant.

God bless you

Mr Johannes Solymosi