Principal’s Message

Dear Parklands Community,

As we approach the end of another remarkable academic year, it’s with immense joy and gratitude that I extend warm Christmas greetings to each and every member of our wonderful community. This season marks a special milestone not only for our students but for the entire Parklands family, as we celebrate the completion of a year filled with growth, learning, and countless achievements.

Throughout the year, our students have demonstrated resilience, curiosity, and a commitment to learning. I am so proud of them all.  From academic achievements to artistic endeavours, sports triumphs to community service initiatives, our community has truly shone brightly.

As we gather with our loved ones during this Christmas season, let us reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken together. The challenges we’ve faced and overcome, the milestones we achieved, and the community bonds we’ve forged as a community are all part of a shared narrative that makes Parklands Christian College a place of faith, hope and love.

I want to express my deepest appreciation to our dedicated staff who have tirelessly worked to nurture, guide, and inspire our students. Your commitment to fostering a positive and safe learning environment has truly made a lasting impact on the lives of those entrusted to your care.

To our students, you are the heartbeat of Parklands Christian College. We hope you have enjoyed this academic year and that you have further developed your God given gifts and talents. As you enjoy a well-deserved break, take the time to reflect on your achievements and the knowledge gained throughout the year. God has a very special plan for your life, and we can’t wait to see the incredible paths He will pave for you in the future.

To our parents and guardians, thank you for your unwavering support. Your partnership with us in the education of your children is invaluable, and we appreciate the trust you place in Parklands Christian College. It is truly a privilege to serve your family.

As we embrace the holiday season, may the Holy Spirit fill your homes with love, joy, and peace. May you find moments of rest and rejuvenation, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the coming year be filled with blessings, growth, and continued success for all of the Parklands Christian College community.  For those of us who will be attending a Church service this Christmas, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday 24th December at 6:00pm for the Parklands Christmas Eve Service.  All are welcome.

God bless,

Gary Cully

Head of Primary School

And that’s the 2023 academic year! Time has swiftly passed and as we reflect on the year, we are reminded of the remarkable growth, reliance, …


Head of Primary School

And that’s the 2023 academic year! Time has swiftly passed and as we reflect on the year, we are reminded of the remarkable growth, reliance, culture of care and achievements that have defined our school community. In the spirit of Christmas, let’s embrace the warmth of love, the joy of giving, and the hope that comes with the birth of a new beginning. May this festive season be a time of reflection, gratitude, and renewal for all. If you are looking for somewhere to share the joy of Christmas, I encourage you to attend the “Joy and More Joy” Christmas Eve gathering at Parklands Christian Centre on December 24, from 6 to 8pm. Wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Teacher Allocation for 2024

As I wrote in the last newsletter, all Parklands teachers are exceptional and strive to be the very best support to our students and their needs. While written requests are considered, we cannot guarantee requested class or teacher allocations. The allocation of class groupings is a carefully considered process and thoughtful deliberation is given to a wide variety of factors. Please continue to pray for smooth transitions for all students as they move into their next class with a new teacher and different mix of students – in brand new buildings.

As they embark on the journey of motherhood, we offer Mrs Hannah Swanborough and Mrs Christine Uwamurere our warmest congratulations and heartful prayers for healthy and joyous arrivals of their treasured babies. We express our deepest appreciation for their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to Parklands and look forward to their return. We thank Mr Michael Worthington for his service at Parklands this year and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. We welcome Mr Simon Ashley, a current year 6 teacher to the Digital Technologies teaching position and look forward to the many exciting digital technologies lessons that he has already planned. Due to personal reasons, Dr Beth Tailby is unable to regularly teach Auslan at Parklands next year. We have valued her amazing work and will miss her greatly but look forward to seeing her for relief days. We are thankful to Mrs Elitia Ssensano, a current prep teacher, who has a long connection with the deaf community, and who has taught in a bilingual school, who will work with Julie Lyons to continue our authentic Auslan education at Parklands. Blessings abound as we wish all these staff the very best for their new beginnings.

Primary Precinct Update

Isn’t the new primary precinct looking amazing!! Years 1, 2 and 6 have moved most resources into their new classrooms and eager await their furniture arrival on December 21. Despite a hold up with lino, we remain on track to move Years 3, 4 and 5 into Stage 2 on this same date. Years 1 to 4 receive new furniture with these building stages, and years 5 and 6 will receive their new furniture with stage 3 buildings. We have made a simple change to our class layout for 2024, with both Year 6 classes now being located upstairs and both Year 5 classes being located downstairs.

Just a reminder to mark the 19 January on your calendar as a day in which you will be invited to explore the new primary precinct. We can’t wait to share this exciting new chapter with you!Year 6


Congratulations to our Year 6 leaders for 2024. We look forward to appointing Class Ambassadors and Prep Pals early in 2024 and celebrating our whole cohort as leaders at the Year 6 Leadership assembly.

Outside School Hours Care

Parklands Christian College Outside School Hours Care, is off to a great start, with Katrina Davis, our new Parklands Little Learners director acting as coordinator for two weeks while we await the arrival of our coordinator Miss Celine Clunn, who is completing her time as an ELC director of another service. The service has been staffed with many familiar and friendly faces, with many of our term time teacher aides, both regular and relief, offering to serve in this service. For bookings click on Enrol Now on the Parklands OSHC page on the college website.

Date Claimers

  • Friday January 19
    –  Prep Transition session 1- 8:30 to 9am
    –  Prep Transition session 2 – 9:15 to 9:45am
    –  Primary Precinct Tours – further information to come
  • Monday January 22 – First day of Primary Academic Calendar
  • Friday January 26 – Australia Day

Many Blessings for a safe and happy festive season,


Secondary News

Year 9 Design: Fabric and Textiles Pattern Design This semester led by Mrs Dennys and Mr Greentree, Year 9 Design students undertook a unit of …


Secondary News

Year 9 Design: Fabric and Textiles Pattern Design

This semester led by Mrs Dennys and Mr Greentree, Year 9 Design students undertook a unit of learning about Surface and Textiles Pattern Design. The real-world project-based learning task required students to imagine they were engaged by the Cancer Council of Australia to design a new range of fabric bucket hats for their cancer awareness campaigns. Over the course of two terms, students designed, prototyped and digitised their final designs before each receiving a final sublimation printed piece of custom-designed fabric to take home. Students now understand the real-world process of custom designed fabrics and can take these skills away with them. Watch out Etsy!! What an amazing and talented bunch of designers we have at this school!

Primary News

Prep In Term 4 the Preppies investigated special events including why and how we celebrate them. To mark the momentous occasion of completing Prep, we brought …


Primary News


In Term 4 the Preppies investigated special events including why and how we celebrate them. To mark the momentous occasion of completing Prep, we brought our favorite party activities to life on our last day of school. Dressed in our festive best, we enjoyed face-painting, cookie decorating, dancing, games, and even a huge jumping castle.

Watching our little friends blossom this year, gaining confidence in reading, writing, counting, and sharing their ideas, has been an absolute delight. They are explorers, scientists, builders, and artists who are ready for their next adventure into the big school. We can’t wait to see them in their fancy uniforms, enjoying their brand-new classrooms next year.

A heartfelt thank you to the families of our Prep students for an incredible year. Warm wishes for a joyful and relaxing Christmas break and summer holiday.

From the Prep team.

Year 1

Year 1 have enjoyed their final weeks of Term 4.

Our highlight was our end of year excursion to SeaWorld! We started our morning with a fun bus ride. The kiddos were so well behaved and very patient. Once at SeaWorld we headed straight to Shark Bay for a wonderful session with one of the SeaWorld educators. The children learnt about sharks and other sea life creatures, identifying various features of these marvellous creatures of the sea. We then enjoyed all the park had to offer – rides, penguins, rays, polar bears, seals and dolphins.  It was a wonderful experience and we made many beautiful memories.

We are so grateful for the year we have had together. Merry Christmas to all our students and their wonderful families. Big blessings for a fabulous 2024!

Take care, from all of us in Year 1!

November was fast and furious in Year 2!

As we prepared to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we were also preparing all 60 of our students for Year 3! We did it!!

What an amazing year it has been! We finished off Year 2 with a trip to Wolston Farmhouse AND a fabulous day at SeaWorld. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered your time to make the trip a huge success!

We pray that you all take the time this season to reflect upon the year and all God has provided us. We are so blessed to have been a part of your child’s education and growth in 2023. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in the new year  – in the new buildings!

Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Koplick, Mrs. Hollenburg & Mrs. Hackett

Year 3

What a fabulous year! A huge thank you to all of our parents who helped, supported, transported and homeworked their way through the year. We really could not do it without you and we are so appreciative!

We had such an awesome end to our year with numerous Christmas crafts and activities, outside games, free time, movies, more crafting and of course kahoots galore! We were all super proud of each and every student and how much they learnt and achieved over the year. They have really impressed us with their abilities and we are so proud of them all!

Of course an end of year highlight was our excursion to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The students learnt so much and had so much fun meeting and interacting with different animals and reinforcing all they have learnt in the biological sciences this year. Thanks again to those parents that could come and help with our excursion.

We hope and pray you all have a relaxing, fun and blessed holiday and an amazing Christmas season! We are so grateful for you all and we look forward to seeing you all around and about next year, all looking very grown up.

Merry Christmas!

Year 3 Team

Dayna Davis, Renée Imms, Sue Martin and Christine Uwamurera

Cubing club

Wow! What an amazing year for Cubing Club at PCC! It has just been so great to see all the students learn and grow in their knowledge of Cubing this year. It is awesome to see older and younger students alike learning how to cube.

Students have learnt all types of cubes, including the 2×2, pyraminx and of course the original cube, the 3×3. Many students also learnt some of the algorithms to solve the speed cubing method and get faster and faster at their solving.

It was wonderful to see all of our Cubers compete and improve during our two Cubing Competitions! We are looking forward to some bigger and better competitions next year. In 2024, we are hoping to expand Cubing Club and run two different groups, one for those who can already solve a cube and one for those who are still learning a cube. This will help free up spots in Cubing Club while still allowing students to mingle, interact and compete with each other over cubes.

A huge shout out to Julie Koplick, Sue Martin, Christine Hollenberg and Ebony Davis who have taught students each week at Cubing Club and also volunteered at competitions. A thank you to Renée Imms who loaned us her classroom all year as the club expanded and could no longer fit in one classroom! A big thank you to my parent helpers Cara Gray, Ang Moodie and Megan Harwood who also volunteered at our end of year competition. I am super grateful to the other staff, students and community volunteers who helped at competitions as well – Renée Imms, Jeff Kingston, Mel Sampson, Angela Marsh, Anne-Maree Kingston, Melissa Bayer, Alex Davis, Geof Greenaway, Kelly Clausen, Donna Auld, Miranda Powell, Jess Grounds, Andrea Armanasco, Jamei Pertzel and Liz Strubin.

Lastly I would like to thank all parents who have transported and supported their Cubers this year. We really couldn’t run clubs without parent support. We finished the year with a super fun party and can’t wait to get back to Cubing in the new year. Look out for emails about how to sign your child up for Cubing Club in 2024. There is also a PAC page which I will email a link to in the new year to get Cubing notices and see updates and photos.

Merry Christmas and a safe and relaxed holidays! Can’t wait to see you all in 2024 at Cubing Club, PCC!

Cube on,

Dayna Davis
PCC Cubing Club Coordinator

PCC Instrumental Music

Exodus 15:21a “And Miriam sang this song: ‘Sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously…’” What a year it’s been! After several years of …


PCC Instrumental Music

Exodus 15:21a “And Miriam sang this song: ‘Sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously…’”

What a year it’s been! After several years of restrictions & uncertainty, 2023 has certainly been a FULL year in every way. It’s been wonderful to see students participating so fully in all the exciting things that have been happening, and also watching the learning & growth that has come from those things.

We Made An Orchestra!

In yet another first for the Arts at Parklands, on Wed 8th Nov we combined the GIAG Band, Petite Strings, Andante Strings, some members of the Wind Ensemble & a few staff to form a full orchestra, involving string, woodwind, brass & percussion instruments all at once. The students had a great time as we rehearsed a piece written specially for them, and parents & senior staff were invited to observe the rehearsal & hear it all come together. By the end of 30 minutes we managed to play the whole piece right through, which was no small feat considering most of these students only began learning their instruments 9 months ago and this was the longest piece they had ever played! If you missed it, or would like to see & hear some of what happened, there is some video of the event on the Parklands Facebook page here:

Give It A Go! Celebration Concert

As this year’s Give It A Go! Instrumental Programme comes to an end, we held a short Celebration Concert on Monday 6th November to acknowledge the efforts & achievement of our Give It A Go! students. These students were brand new beginners at the start of the year & should be very proud of how far they have come in this time. Families & staff were treated to performances by both the Give it A Go! Band & Petite Strings, and it was wonderful to see so many smiling faces after a year of hard work & fun!

Lessons & Rehearsals

All instrumental lessons & rehearsals are of course finished for Term 4. Private & Group lessons should resume in week 2 of Term 1 2024, and Give It A Go! lessons will begin around week 3. Choir & Ensemble rehearsals will begin as soon as possible in 2024, most likely in week 2. Stay tuned for more details!

All Choirs are open to all students regardless of whether or not they’re having lessons, and no experience is necessary. We are particularly keen to have more students in our Secondary Choir, especially those who do music as a subject. For a small amount of time each week, just 1 hour, students will reap many benefits & have a great time.

The Give It A Go! Band & Petite Strings are generally reserved for students in the Give It A Go! Programme as they cater for beginner students, although other beginners may also join. Other wind, brass & percussion students having lessons at school will play in the Wind Ensemble, and other string students having lessons at the College will play in Andante Strings. Any other students who have lessons outside the College are also welcome to join the appropriate ensemble!

Give It A Go! Instrumental Programme

Year 3 students have received their offers for 2024, so your child has hopefully come home talking about playing an instrument. An information letter was sent home early in Term 4, so please have a read of that & watch the Youtube video ( for details about how the programme works. Offers to join in 2024 are valid until places are full, so get your form back as soon as you can!

Instruments on offer in the Give It A Go! Instrumental Programme include:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Percussion (includes drums, auxiliary & mallet percussion, NOT drum kit)
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass

There are a number of ways to be part of our growing Instrumental Music Programme – here’s how your child can be involved:

  1. Give It A Go! Instrumental Programme – Year 4 students only

This is a one year beginner programme for Year 4 students, giving them the opportunity to learn a woodwind, brass, string or percussion instrument in small groups during school time. There is a one-off $400 levy for the year which covers all lessons & band rehearsals, a tuition book & use of a school instrument for one year. Many places for this are currently filled, however we do have a number of vacancies across most instruments. If your child is in Year 4 & would like to be involved, please contact us at

Information video:

  1. Private lessons

Private lessons are available for piano, guitar, drum kit, voice, most woodwind & and all brass & stringed instruments. Lessons are scheduled mostly during school time, & fees are billed by & payable directly to the instrumental teachers at $36/30mins or $24/20mins.

  1. Shared lessons

Shared lessons are available for all of the above instruments except piano, guitar & drum kit. Lessons are again scheduled mostly during school time, & fees are also billed by & payable directly to the instrumental teachers at $23/30mins for a Group of 2 or $16/30mins for a Group of 3, pending availability.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded below, and are also available on the College website.

02 PCC Instrumental Tuition Program guidelines and enrolment

PCC Outreach

Unveiling the Wonders of Australia’s Indigenous Culture in Cairns and Innisfail – On Country 2023 with the Goondoi Rangers. Greetings, Parklands Christian School community! In the …


PCC Outreach

Unveiling the Wonders of Australia’s Indigenous Culture in Cairns and Innisfail – On Country 2023 with the Goondoi Rangers.

Greetings, Parklands Christian School community!

In the spirit of adventure and cultural enrichment, our students embarked on an unforgettable journey to Cairns and Innisfail for the 2023 On Country Trip. This unique experience served as a cultural immersion, providing a deep dive into Australia’s Indigenous heritage through collaboration with the Goondoi Rangers.

One of the highlights of our expedition was an awe-inspiring day at Green Island, where students had the privilege of snorkelling in the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef. This experience wasn’t merely about exploring the breathtaking underwater world; it was a multifaceted educational endeavour encompassing environmental science, conservation, and cultural understanding. Our visit to the Great Barrier Reef offered a holistic perspective, emphasising the importance of safeguarding our planet for future generations.

Under the guidance of the Goondoi Rangers, our students learned to throw spears, mastered cultural dances, and gained invaluable insights into the significance of preserving Australia’s rich Indigenous heritage. These hands-on activities fostered a deep appreciation for the traditions that have been passed down through generations, leaving a lasting impact on our students’ perspectives.
The journey took us to some of the region’s most iconic sites, including Paronella Park, Babinda Boulders, Golden Hole, Josephine Falls, and Etty Bay. Each location provided a unique opportunity for learning and reflection, further connecting our students to our country’s natural wonders.

A special bond was forged between our students, the Goondoi Rangers, and our friends from Radiant Life College. This collaboration enriched the cultural experience and promoted unity and understanding among diverse groups of young minds.

The success of our Green Island day trip was made possible through the generous support of the Queensland Government’s Great Barrier Reef Education Experience Program. The financial assistance provided, totalling $150 per student, alleviated the burden on families and enabled our students to participate in this life-changing experience. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Queensland Government for making this educational journey possible.

As we reflect on the profound impact of the On Country Trip, it is evident that the experience has shaped our students’ perspectives and instilled in them a sense of responsibility toward our planet. We eagerly look forward to future opportunities to explore and learn about the incredible wonders that Australia has to offer.

Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible, and here’s to many more adventures in the coming years!

During the September holidays, 34 staff and students embarked on an early morning adventure to Cairns.

We spent nine nights in Innisfail with the Goondoi Rangers, a journey that opened our hearts, minds, and souls to the rich culture and history of the indigenous people of this land.

Our days were filled with exploration, as we ventured into sacred places on their Nation, gaining a deep understanding of the traditions and stories that have shaped their lives for generations. In these moments, we connected with the very essence of our beautiful country, learning from the custodians of this land and forging bonds that transcend time and history.

But this trip was more than just a cultural exchange. Many hours were spent engaging in various fun activities – from competitive games of basketball and table tennis to swims in the crystal-clear waters, drone flying and beach cricket, snorkeling with turtles, and a surprise underwater formal proposal.

Through these shared experiences, we built connections and relationships that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

It was a coming together of students from three different year levels, from diverse backgrounds, and staff from various departments, all finding common ground and building personal connections that go beyond the boundaries of our daily lives.

Ella Harbourn, Year 11

Going on the On Country Trip to the Goondoi Rangers was an incredible experience.

We were truly welcomed by the Goondoi Elders and Rangers. It was heartwarming to see how they opened their arms and hearts to us at the church and Radiant Life College. The warmth of their welcome instantly made me feel like I was a part of their community.

During the trip, I had the opportunity to learn so much about their culture and the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. It was eye-opening to learn about their heritage and the connections they have with their land. The elders shared their stories and wisdom with us, and it was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget.

But it wasn’t just about learning; it was also about forming strong friendships. Spending time with the elders was so good. It felt like they were a part of our team, and the friendships we formed are unforgettable. We not only shared stories but also had the privilege of learning and performing traditional dances. This added so much joy, laughter, and fun to the team.

The On Country trip is not just a normal camp; it’s an opportunity to experience a different culture, connect with wonderful people, and expand our understanding of the world. It’s a chance to make lasting memories and friendships that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Maaka Ngapo, Year 11

The Friendlies

Where did this year go? It seems to have passed very quickly and as we start approaching 2024, it is time to start thinking about …


The Friendlies

Where did this year go? It seems to have passed very quickly and as we start approaching 2024, it is time to start thinking about the new year.

The friendlies will be set up at the Back to School BBQ in term one. Please come and say hello, have a chat with us about what we are about and how you can be part of building community.

If you have any ideas please feel free to contact us via email on

A huge thank you to those who have helped at events over the past year, we appreciate you are so grateful for all the help we have received from both parents, grandparents, staff, students and others in the school community. Next year keep an eye out for an incentive for those who can help us out at our different events through the year.

Lastly we would like to wish everyone a safe and hopefully restful time in this break over Christmas. We look forward to connecting with our school community in the new year and are excited about the events planned for 2024.  May we also take the time to reflect on the Christmas and the meaning of this time of year.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭107‬:‭1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Kate Harbourn
Friendlies Committee

Parklands Christian Church

Parklands Kid’s Church What an amazing time we have been having with the kids over the last few weeks in Kid’s Church! All the kids have …


Parklands Christian Church

Parklands Kid’s Church

What an amazing time we have been having with the kids over the last few weeks in Kid’s Church! All the kids have really taken hold of what thankfulness truly means. Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas we will walk the kids each week through the Christmas story leading to the birth of our Savior Jesus.

Wishing all our Parklands families a wonderful Christmas.

Community Notices

Logan City Council Pool Safety Education Program Swimming Pool Safety Checklist Girls Holiday Clinic Transport Help Needed There is a year 11 student who has …


Community Notices

Logan City Council Pool Safety Education Program

Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

Girls Holiday Clinic

Transport Help Needed

There is a year 11 student who has recently moved to Covella Estate in Greenbank.  Her mother is able to get her to school in the mornings but is unable to get her home in the afternoons.

If there are any school families that live in the Covella Estate or out Greenbank way that would be happy to drop her home in the afternoons, please contact Student Services on 3380 4237.  The mother would be happy to share the load and do the school morning drop off.

Park Ridge Pirates Junior Football Club

Park Ridge Panthers FC

Foster Carers Needed



In Sync Kids OT have a satellite clinic within Parklands Christian College providing private Occupational Therapy Services specifically to students of the school. In Sync Kids Occupational Therapy specialises in sensory integration and neurodevelopment.  Kelsey Hackett is the Occupational Therapist and point of contact for the satellite clinic within Parklands Christian College.

Kelsey Hackett has experience working as a paediatric occupational therapist since 2015 in the United States and has relocated to Brisbane in 2021. She has her Bachelors of Psychology and Master of Occupational Therapy degree. She has worked in the clinic-based and school-based settings with children of all ages and a wide range of diagnoses for the past 7 years.

For any additional information regarding Occupational Therapy services, please contact Kelsey Hackett  and feel free to look at the In Sync Kids OT website for more information

Speech Therapy at our College

Does your child experience difficulties in any of the following areas?

  • Comprehension
  • Oral Language expression/talking
  • Written Language
  • Reading & writing/literacy
  • Listening and following instructions
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Voice
  • Stuttering
  • Socialising and friendship
  • Behaviour

If so it may be the result of an underlying speech and language difficulty. Speech Pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. Speech Pathologists assess and provide life improving treatment, support and care.

Michelle Sparg is an independent, mobile, private certified practicing Speech-Language Pathologist with 24 years of generalised and highly specialist experience having worked with Kindy, Primary and Secondary Students.

Michelle Sparg, a certified practicing Speech-Language Pathologist, is in her 9th year of working successfully at our school alongside students, parents, teachers and learning support staff to maximise learning potential within the classroom.

For further information on this highly valued service currently offered at our College, please contact Michelle Sparg on or 0435492716.

Tae Kwan Do

Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do classes have started up again in the school hall (BSC) on Mondays 3.30 – 4.30 pm.

New students and previous students are welcome.

  • First class Free
  • Family Concessions
  • Value Packed Family Activity
  • Over 50 clubs in Brisbane Area
  • Free Uniform offer (this month call now!)
  • Character Traits instilled in students from learning Tae Kwon Do are: Modesty, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit, Self Defence, Physical Fitness

For more information phone the instructor, Colin Garrick (8th Dan Black Belt 45 years experience teaching)  Ph: 0438 865 800 or the Club Office: 1300 101 303

Free Dental Care


Uniform Shop Hours

There are only a few appointments left at the time of publishing this newsletter. Book Uniform Shop Appointments Normal Trade Uniform Shop Hours (School Days Only) Mondays 8.00am …


Uniform Shop Hours

There are only a few appointments left at the time of publishing this newsletter.

Book Uniform Shop Appointments

Normal Trade Uniform Shop Hours

(School Days Only)
Mondays 8.00am – 10.00am
Tuesdays 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Thursdays 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Location Address/Parking:

24 Hillcrest Rd, Park Ridge Qld 4125 (located on the left hand side, at the end of Hillcrest road).

For further information:
Phone: (07) 3380 4256

Uniform Shop Facebook Page/PCCUniforms

Purchase Uniforms Online