Deputy Principal’s Message

International Study Tours Visiting

I’m delighted to share that in March, Parklands will be hosting two groups of students visiting from Japan, as part of our expanding Cultural Appreciation Visits. The students will immerse themselves in the Parklands experience – a wonderful opportunity for us to share our caring Parklands culture – attending class with a buddy and participating in our activities. Due to the age of these groups, they will be buddied up with middle school students, however we are planning some opportunities for sharing of culture with other year levels.

An external company is managing their Homestay – if you are interested in hosting a student, please contact Choice Homestay directly at

Parklands is committed to broadening our students’ understanding of and appreciation for the various cultures within our country and around the world, alike. We believe this is a key part of the foundations for life that our students benefit from, and can be met in many ways within the college, family and community, and beyond. We are committed to fostering cultural appreciation, global perspective and building tolerance and inclusivity amongst our students. These upcoming visits from Japanese schools provides our students with the opportunity to connect globally, have their curiosity about seeing the world piqued, and make new friends.

Taiwanese Principal Delegation

We recently were honoured to host a delegation of 20 Principals visiting from Taiwan, who were visiting several schools to learn about Australian education. Some of our student leaders from Years 6, 9 & 12 did a wonderful job welcoming the delegates and hosting them for a tour of our lovely campus. Attending staff enjoyed sharing about our approach to education and developing the whole child here at Parklands, and all attendees expressed an interest in having an ongoing relationship with Parklands. I look forward to seeing how this space develops, with potential opportunities to give our students an appreciation for other cultures.

Head of Senior School

We are now beyond the halfway point of term and students have been busy with school work and various extra-curricular activities that will help them …


Head of Senior School

We are now beyond the halfway point of term and students have been busy with school work and various extra-curricular activities that will help them go out into the world well prepared and ready to make a difference. I love that Parklands is much more than just a great academic program, we aim to teach for life with a holistic educational program to support your child to work towards their God given potential.

By this time of year, your child will have got to know their Home Class teachers and Heads of Year a little more. The idea of these connections is to primarily focus on providing support and care, so that in the busyness of school and life, when some may experience stress, there are staff close by to provide extra support.  Please encourage your child to talk to someone, as needed. There is also Mrs Lenton (Careers & VET), the Learning Enrichment team, the Wellbeing team (RTC) or me, when some extra support may be needed.

As we delve into the heart of this academic year, it brings us immense joy to witness the compassionate spirit that our students are embracing. At Parklands, we take pride in fostering a culture that extends beyond academic excellence – one that instills the values of looking beyond ourselves and caring for others, inspired by the teachings of Jesus.

I’m delighted to share that our Year 10 Active Volunteering students have kicked off the year with incredible enthusiasm and dedication. These 15-year-olds are not only excelling in their studies but are also devoting 20 hours of their time to volunteer work. It’s truly heart-warming to witness our young people giving back to the community, reflecting a genuine heart of service.

We recognise the ongoing commitment of many of our students, who make a positive impact through volunteering. As such, we are introducing a formal way of acknowledging their efforts where volunteering hours can achieve a Gold, Silver, or Bronze service certificate award. This initiative serves as a testament to the great work our young people are doing and reinforces the importance of continued service in the community.

Did you know that volunteering offers numerous benefits? Research indicates that volunteering can enhance mental well-being, reduce stress, and increase overall life satisfaction. A study published in the journal “Health Psychology” found that individuals who engage in volunteer activities experience lower mortality rates and improved physical health. Volunteering not only supports the receiver but also positively impacts the volunteer’s health.

Many of our teachers actively embed service into the curriculum, demonstrating our commitment to shaping well-rounded individuals. A recent example is the Year 12 Design class, whose assessment topic is inspired by volunteering experiences. This term, they are joining in with Rosies, a local non-profit organization with a mission to ensure that no Queenslander feels left out or disconnected from their community. Students have helped serve meals and engage in conversation with patrons.

We eagerly anticipate not only the creative responses of our Design class but also the transformative impact these volunteering experiences may have on their lives. Such initiatives open hearts to continue serving and supporting the vulnerable, fostering a sense of empathy and social responsibility. As Christians, we whole heartedly believe this is what we are called to do.

We also extend our gratitude to you, our parents, for instilling these values at home and supporting our endeavours to nurture strong yet compassionate individuals. It is our hope to continue to excel academically whilst inspiring the spirit of volunteering to cultivate a community that cares for others.

Finally, as mentioned above, there are many staff championing your child’s cause and who are willing to do the journey and offer that extra bit of something that can make all the difference. If you have any questions about Senior School, please do make contact through the College office or via email at:


Rebecca Wallis
Head of Senior College

Principal’s Message

Dear Parklands Family, Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) highlights a notable trend in Queensland’s educational landscape: a growing number of parents …


Principal’s Message

Dear Parklands Family,

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) highlights a notable trend in Queensland’s educational landscape: a growing number of parents are opting for independent schools like Parklands. According to the latest ABS school census data, there has been an uptick of 5,802 students joining the independent sector over the last year, marking a 4.1% growth. Independent schools now account for 16.8% of the student population in Queensland.

Looking back over the last twenty years, we’ve witnessed a staggering 75% rise in enrolments within Queensland’s independent schools, with numbers swelling from 83,841 in 2003 to 147,268 in 2023. Notably, this year continues a five-year streak of independent schools outpacing both State and Catholic institutions in enrolment growth rates.

The flourishing of Independent Schools is a reflection of the exceptional efforts by educational institutions like ours and underscores the appeal our approach to education holds for more families across the nation. It’s evident that the freedom to choose in education is highly valued by parents, who dedicate resources to ensure this preference is met.

For many within our Parklands family, the decision to join us is a joy, enriching both the students and their families. The core values and principles that Parklands embodies resonate deeply with our parents, who take great pleasure in the time spent within our school’s community. It fills me with immense joy to hear how well our values, beliefs, and programs align with the aspirations of our families. Watching our students flourish and our families forge strong bonds within our community is heartening.

Nevertheless, I recognize that parenting can be inherently challenging, and the rapid pace of modern life brings its own set of pressures. During tough times, it’s natural to reconsider our choices and ponder if our paths are aligned. In such moments, it’s crucial to harness the strength of our community, seeking connection and support.

Throughout my tenure, I’ve been privileged to collaborate with families who confront their trials with a willingness to work in tandem with our staff. Gathering together to tackle issues with objectivity and a shared commitment to the welfare of our children always leads to positive results. United in our efforts, we can conquer challenges and celebrate the successes.

As we move forward, let’s pledge to collectively strive for the best for our children, fostering a spirit of community and shared duty. Let’s rid ourselves of defensiveness, evasion, and fault-finding. Rather, let’s approach our concerns and frustrations with a cooperative spirit, aiming to resolve issues together. Let’s engage in conversations that uplift each other, avoiding taking or imparting offense.

The Parklands team holds your children in the highest regard. Our teachers and administrative leaders are committed to supporting you. Should you have any questions about your child’s academic journey, please do not hesitate to reach out to a teacher via email to arrange a discussion. For further insights or to talk through details of our educational offerings, our Heads of School are just a phone call away. Moreover, if there’s ever a concern about a mismatch in values or questions regarding our programs or methodologies, rest assured that our leadership team, myself included, is ready and willing to engage in conversation to find a harmonious resolution wherever feasible.

We appreciate your decision to entrust Parklands with your child’s education and are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you for their benefit.

Gary Cully

Head of Primary School

Dear Parents,  I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises. I will boast only in the LORD; let all …


Head of Primary School

Dear Parents, 

I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises. I will boast only in the LORD; let all who are helpless take heart. Come, let us tell of the LORD’s greatness; let us exalt his name together. (Psalms 34:1)

It is hard to believe we are already halfway through Term One but hasn’t God blessed us abundantly! What a beautiful community the Parklands community is. I am so proud of the way primary students have navigated the start of a new school year in a whole new primary space. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the many family members who have supported our request for support in covering books.  There have been over one thousand books covered in the past two weeks and we could not have done this without you!

Year 5 Camp – CYC Burleigh

A special thank you to Mrs O’Callaghan, Mrs Edwards, Mr Werner, Mr Ashley, Mr Crawford, Mrs Sione, Pastor Ollie for taking our year five students on camp to CYC Burleigh. This was a wonderful experience proving students with opportunities for connection, leadership and reflecting on God’s goodness.

Year 6 Senior Badge Presentation – Monday 4 March

When you consider a person whom you would say has had the most significant impact on your life you most likely identify a family member or friend rather than a boss or manager. The reality is that every human being is a leader at some point because leadership is an influential process. The greatest leadership role model is Jesus. After all, Jesus transformed twelve ordinary and somewhat unlikely people into the first generation of leaders of a movement that continues to affect the course of world history some 2000 years later. Jesus’s call to servant leadership is clear. He places no restrictions or limitations of time, place or situation that would allow us to exempt ourselves from heeding His command. At assembly on Monday, March 4th, we look forward to acknowledging all our year 6 students as primary school leaders. Please feel free to join us in the church auditorium from 8:30 to 9:00am.

Year 1 to 6 Lunch Times

We are currently trialling playing first and eating in Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) after playtime. Student and staff feedback will be finalised today, and along with current nutritional research, will guide our practice moving forwards. About 84% of students are enjoying the longer break 2. Currently about 67% of staff prefer playing first; with students being on the fence with about 50% preferring the current system and 50% preferring to eat first. Below is a summary of the types of feedback I have currently received from both students and teachers. As we conclude the trial, please feel free to pack some extra munch and crunch, which is eating in the longer morning session.

Reasons for preferring playing first Reasons for preferring eating first
  • Fewer issues regarding playtime incidents when returning to class; therefore able to return to learning quicker
  • Eating time is more settled as students are ready to eat and not thinking about going to play
  • Students are eating more
  • Children have cooled down and aren;t sweaty returning to class
  • Supervision of own students in COLA means they have been to bathrooms and cleaned up – less rubbish
  • Whilst children have munch and crunch it is a long time until 11:20am to eat
  • Timing to return from play and get lunch box and eat is short – particularly for younger students and slower eaters
  • Late tuckshop means students have to eat in class
  • Some students hungry at the beginning of play time
  • After play time we get to relax and calm down instead of going to class
  • We get back from sport and play and are ready to eat
  • full stomach = can’t play well = miserable
  • Then we don’t get a stitch when we run and play
  • When I come into class I am not hungry
  • We have a lot of energy after being in class
  • We eat more because we are not chatting and then rushing off to play
  • I burn off energy and the get energy back when I eat
  • I am hungry when playing
  • We could eat instead of playing
  • We can discuss what games we are going to play
  • I can burn off my food
  • We need energy to play
  • It feels weird playing first because I am used to eating first
  • When we come back from play we are hot so can find it harder to eat

Quick Pick Up

Thank you for supporting us in getting the Collect and Go flowing by:

  • Allowing prep parents (green name tags) to enter first from 3:00 to 3:10pm
  • NOT reversing into any car parks in the Collect and Go
  • Minimising your time in the Collect and Go car parks to 2 minutes. If your child is not ready, please drive around and queue to enter the area again, or park in the car park and walk across to collect your children
  • Proceeding as far up the hill as possible to the last available car park to avoid leaving gaps – like a quick moving taxi rank
  • Remaining in the car
  • Displaying provided name card  for the duty teacher  to call children using the PA system
  • Ensuring students enter the car on the kerb side. Students will not be permitted to enter from the driver’s side of the car.

If you require a new name card please email to request some more.  Please note if you do not have a name card you will be asked to park and walk across the road to collect your children.

Vacation Care – Easter Holiday Period

If you require care for the holidays period, the OSCH April holiday program is out now and places are filling fast. Once we have government approval to move into the new OSHC space we will be able to accommodate slightly larger group sizes. Thank you for joining us in praying for this approval process. For bookings. For bookings click on Enrol Now on the Parklands OSHC page on the website or call Celine on 0478 111 207.

Parklands Little Learners

The long awaited day is finally here. On Monday, Parklands Little Learners will open the doors for the first intake of children aged between zero and five. We will progressively open this new facility to ensure smooth and effective transitions and processes.  Katrina and her team have worked tirelessly to set up this amazing learning space. Primary staff enjoyed devotions at the centre last week with this new ELC team and look forward to future opportunities to network and collaborate. 

Mountain Biking – First Saturday of the Month during School Terms

As a growing Primary school, we remain committed to maintaining connection and are called to reach out and serve one another. We are thrilled to invite you to join us for monthly Family Mountain Bike Rides. These rides are designed for beginner to intermediate levels. All students must have a parent attending. We look forward to invigorating outdoor adventures and also connecting with families as we share experiences and create lasting memories in the great outdoors Our qualified instructors will be leading the way, ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. For more information please contact Simon Ashley (  Looking forward to connecting this weekend! 

Many Blessings,

Secondary News

National Young Leaders Day The National Leaders Day was attended by Fiona Muluberhan, Isabelle Blandford, Ryen Deo, Harrison Korger, and Mr Kong During the day, …


Secondary News

National Young Leaders Day

The National Leaders Day was attended by Fiona Muluberhan, Isabelle Blandford, Ryen Deo, Harrison Korger, and Mr Kong
During the day, we listened to many high-profile Australians talk about their journey as a leader. The speakers were Anastasia Woolmer, Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores, Ben Polson, and Lachie Smart. They taught us all about resilience and how we’re all different. Anastasia told us all about her journey and that we all learn differently, but if you put your mind to something, and put the workload in, you will reach your goals. Matt and Eva talked about how their life completely turned around due to the pandemic. They taught us to persevere through the hard times and to have a positive perspective on events. Ben inspired us to change the way that we see others instead of trying to change them. He told us all about his high school bullying journey and how he braved through it. Lachie Smart was our personal favourite, he was very inspirational. He gave a few great points – ‘When you feel like giving up, give more’, ‘Scars of experience lead to resilience’, ‘You can always encourage’, and ‘Discomfort grows confidence’.

During the breaks of the day we met and talked to Matt and Eva about the book that they made during the pandemic, we also took a photo with Ben Polson.

Overall, we think the best part of the event was seeing the difference National Young Leaders Day made. We saw various school leaders from all over Queensland bring back the information they learned to inspire their peers back at school.

The kind of leaders that we want to be for our school are leaders who are encouraging, connecting, kind, resilient, confident, and adapting. We hope to continue to grow and become better leaders for ourselves and our school!

Year 9 Camp

Year 9 Camp was packed with highs and lows… ropes, that is… not to mention some abseiling and creeking. Rain could not slow our year 9s down, with the cohort divided into teams, tackling the Tim Tams on the High Ropes, swimming and exploring waterfalls and working as a team to conquer the ‘See Saw’ before gliding through the low rope obstacles.

On the first night, the excitement and energy from earlier continued, as Mr. Kong lead the students in their first devotion, before breaking off into groups to discuss their perspectives and interpretations with staff. To wrap up the evening, the year 9s explored the camp grounds and participated in team building games such as Spotlight and Sardines, with one group carrying a team mate to victory inside a sleeping bag.

The feedback from students shows that the second day proved to be the most exhilarating and challenging with the next two rotations, challenging our students and creating new bond and relationships between peers. When one team finished the high ropes, one year 9 shared ‘I was scared before when I tried it the first time, but after watching the others, it’s my favourite part, can we go again tomorrow?’.

At night, students broke off into their activity teams and were given the task of bringing a particular passage of scripture to life. The passages included Israel sends spies into the promised land – Numbers 13, 14; Call of Abraham – Genesis 12-15; Moses called to lead the israelites – Exodus 1-4; Gideon called to lead Israel – Judges 6-8; Jesus calls Peter, Andrew, James and John – Luke 5:1-11. After 30 minutes, each student presented their interpretation to cohort by the fire pit and after deliberations from the teachers, Team 1 was victorious.

On the final day, students cleaned out their cabins, packed their bags and headed off to their final activity and thanking their camp instructors. After finishing their burgers, students completed one final sweep of the rooms, claiming crocs and bed sheets from Mrs. Crook, and enjoying a quick nap on the bus ride back.

A special thank you to the staff and facilitators at Bornhoffen. Thank you for making this camp one to remember and creating memorable moments our students will cherish.

Year 12 Biology

Our Year 12 Biology students had a great few days away where they did data collection and explored various ecosystems.

Year 12 Design Excursion: QUT

This term led by Mrs Dennys and Mr Greentree, Year 12 Design students participated in a half day workshop at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) – Gardens Point Campus as part of their Unit 3 Human Centered Design studies to explore and investigate HCD in practice, and the university pathways that take them there!

Students immersed themselves in a real-world project-based learning task requiring them to imagine they were engaged to redesign a new sunset deck and spa. This was followed by an experience in QUT’s the Cube – one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces offering a unique experience which communicates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts.

We give thanks to our colleagues at QUT for hosting this workshop – how lucky are our students!

Primary News

Year 2 Year 2 had a super busy February! We enjoyed a variety of hands on activities to explore measurement. We used sand, pasta, and …


Primary News

Year 2

Year 2 had a super busy February!

We enjoyed a variety of hands on activities to explore measurement. We used sand, pasta, and cubes to investigate area, capacity and length.

In Science, our biggest highlight by far was watching a caterpillar chrysalis transform and emerge as a beautiful monarch butterfly! We also carefully observed as our sprouts went from being seeds, to having roots and then growing stems and sprouts. The children are loving our lifecycle unit!

Finally we have discovered that big numbers are not so scary as we’ve learnt all about place value for hundreds, tens and ones.

It has been a fabulous month of learning together and we can’t wait to show you what we can do next month!

Take care!
from Year 2!

Year 3

As we conclude February, students have now gotten used to our routine and are right in the middle of our term’s learning. The students have impressed us with their insights into History and Science and have some really great ideas and understandings. They have really enjoyed all the hands-on learning in Science and of course the experiments we have been doing to help understand how day and night occurs.

The students have been loving CLS and making all sorts of different crafts as we learn about stories from Genesis and how they apply to our lives today. It is always a highlight of the week!

For the remainder of the term, Year 3B will have a preservice teacher in the classroom, Miss Heather Forbes, who will be teaching, learning, assisting and having fun with the students. It is always special for a class to have a preservice teacher who they get to love!

Year 3 has also been enjoying our new classrooms and play areas. They love all the new activities such as elastics and skipping ropes as well as some old favourites such as soccer and tag. Many students have also been having fun going down into the new Prep playground!

NAPLAN is just around the corner for Year 3 so we are starting on some of our assessments over the next few weeks, ready to finish the term with NAPLAN and swimming.

Thanks for all your support and assistance as students adjusted to the new year, new routines and new classrooms and play areas. We really appreciate you all!

Year 3 Team

Mrs Dayna Davis, Mrs Renée Imms, Mrs Sue Martin, Mrs Tanya Thompson and Mrs Alisha Scott.

Year 4

Year 4 has enjoyed the past month investigating patterns, in numbers and symmetry. The students have been involved in group work completing investigations while learning to apply their knowledge to more complex situations. This of course has provided great opportunity to refine their communication skills as well. In English the students have written some excellent descriptions of various scenes by adding similes, and awesome adjectives to their writing.  Last week we celebrated mid-term with icy poles supplied by Mrs. Smith.  We are looking forward to the second half of term where we finalise our term learning, complete our assessments and celebrate our last day at cross country and the school’s colour fun run.

Blessings, Miranda, Julie, Janine and Alicia.

Year 5

In year 5 we have been doing lots of hand on learning in Maths. We have made ‘array cities’ for multiplication, used M&Ms to show division and worked in groups to demonstrate multiples of numbers. Children have enjoyed this process of learning and this has reflected well in their assessments. We have written a class narrative together and are looking forward to writing our own stories next. In Science we have done a few interesting experiments to deepen our understanding of solids, liquids and gases. The results were unexpected for some students!!!

What’s happening in Year 6

The Year Six students have really taken on board all leadership opportunities and have done an amazing job in these roles. Tuckshop delivery, Recycling, Prep Pals and Class Ambassadors are just to name a few. We are very proud of how all students are displaying servant hearted leadership qualities each and every day.

In the classroom:

Our classes have enjoyed learning about 3D shapes, square and triangular numbers whilst consolidating their understanding using multiplication strategies during Maths rotations. A big hit this term is the new escape rooms. In groups, students need to work as a team whilst applying their Mathematical knowledge and understanding to get through each task and “escape”. Mr Ivins is doing a great job assisting the groups with this and feedback from the students has been positive.

Cubing club

Dayna Davis
PCC Cubing Club Coordinator


Calling all coaches! Do you currently coach youth sport? Have you always dreamed of getting involved with our school sports programs? The PCC sport team is …



Calling all coaches!

Do you currently coach youth sport? Have you always dreamed of getting involved with our school sports programs? The PCC sport team is looking for experienced or enthusiastic newbies to get involved with our coaching team. If you would like to know more please drop Mr Walker an email,

Swimming Carnival

Ushering in the start of the 2024 sporting season, our annual 9-18yrs swim carnival was hosted at the Parkinson Aquatic centre on the 30th Jan. Joshua and Samuel houses battled it out for the first of our sporting shields, and while the racing was fiercely contested, all swimmers went about their business in the best of spirits. Thanks to youth pastor Oli Lee the tunes were pumping on the pool deck and our teachers and students cheered on their housemates while dancing and singing their way through the day. As always there were some stellar performances and a special shout out must go to our age champions…  

  • 9 yrs Girls – Kendall Wilson (Samuel) 
  • 9 yrs Boys – Gabriel Patterson-Scott (Joshua)
  • 10 yrs Girls – Mia Bobermien (Joshua)  
  • 10 yrs Boys – Tristan Patterson-Scott (Joshua)  
  • 11 yrs Girls – Miranda Adams (Joshua)  
  • 11 yrs Boys – Billy Cragg (Samuel)   
  • 12 yrs Girls – Charlotte Tam (Samuel)   
  • 12 yrs Boys – Riley Tinson (Joshua)  
  • 13 yrs Girls – Lilee Unwin (Joshua)  
  • 13 yrs Boys – Oliver Reise (Joshua)  
  • 14 yrs Girls – Chloe Bobermien (Joshua)/Alisha Systma (Joshua)
  • 14 yrs Boys – Brandon Bainbridge (Joshua)  
  • 15 yrs Girls – Lucy-Anne Reise (Joshua)  
  • 15 yrs Boys – Luke Unwin (Joshua)  
  • 16 yrs Girls – Carli Van-Dyk (Samuel)   
  • 16 yrs Boys – Jett Cervenjak (Joshua)  
  • Open Girls – Georgia Knowles (Samuel)   
  • Open Boys – Marlon Moses (Samuel)   

Although Samuel house put up a good fight, Joshua house has continued their recent dominance in the pool. As the list above shows, many of our age group champions belong to Joshua house, so there is no surprise on the final outcome. Final scores were Samuel – 1,255 and Joshua – 1,747.  

Thank you to all of our parents, students and staff for making the 2024 swim carnival such a wonderful success. 

Of our 12 swimmers who represented the Southern Scorpions at Regional Trials, 5 have qualified to move on to represent Met Mest at the State Qualifier. A massive well done to all of our swimmers.

  • Mia Bobermien – 50m backstroke, 100m free
  • Charlotte Tam – 50m fly, 100 fly
  • Marlon Moses – 50m fly, 1,500m free
  • Brandon Bainbridge – 50m free
  • Hudson Spears – 400m free

Representative Sport

The HPE and Sport team have made a student PAC page for representative sport. Any student that is currently playing club sport and would like to be made aware of upcoming opportunities for District and Regional trials should join this page. The event calendar is saved here, please email Mr Walker with any questions,

The process for attending trials is below, and must be followed to ensure your approved attendance.

1. Request nomination forms from Mr Walker (via email).

2. Complete forms with parents (parental permission is mandatory).

3. Return the Approval page to Mr Walker for signing, this must be done in person, please do not email forms.

4. After attending your trial please email Mr Walker with some feedback from your experience.

Primary students – if we have more than 2 nominations per event Mr Werner and Mr Walker will make a decision on who attends the trial. If we have sufficient interest there will be team try outs for trials.


PCC Health Bay

Welcome to the new school year! As the College nurse, I am excited to partner with you in ensuring the health and well-being of your …


PCC Health Bay

Welcome to the new school year! As the College nurse, I am excited to partner with you in ensuring the health and well-being of your child during their time at school. Please take a moment to update your child’s medical information, and feel free to reach out with any specific health concerns or needs they may have. We value your collaboration and look forward to fostering a safe and supportive environment together. For any questions, contact the Health Bay which is located at student services or call 3380 4228 in school hours.

Here’s to a fantastic and healthy school year!

How Do I Update Medical Details of my Child?

  1. Visit our school website or PAC app.
  2. Log in using your personal details.
  3. Access the “Parent Lounge” found on the top left task bar on website, or “parent Lounge” tile on the app.

Once logged in, please navigate to the “Medical Details” tab and carefully review the existing details. It is crucial that we have the most accurate and current information about your child’s health to ensure their well-being during the school day.

Consent for Basic Medications:

While reviewing the medical information, please pay special attention to the consent for your child to have access to basic medications. If you wish to grant or update this consent, kindly make the necessary selections.

Updating Medical Conditions:

If your child has any medical conditions, such as Asthma, we request that you update this information in the Parent Lounge as well. Your collaboration in keeping us informed about any health-related concerns is vital for the safety of your child.

Medical Plans for Identified Conditions:

If your child has an identified medical condition such as anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy, or diabetes, please take the time to review and ensure that the medical plan is updated for the 2024 school year. This may involve scheduling an appointment with your medical practitioner to ensure the plan is current for your child’s age.

Regular Medications:

If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours, we kindly ask that you email our College Nurse to schedule an appointment to discuss their medication needs. This appointment will help us provide the necessary support to meet your child’s health requirements.

Immunisation Status Update:

Please upload the most recent immunisation statement for your child to the Parent Lounge. This document is crucial for our school records and ensures that we have the necessary information to respond appropriately in the event of a health-related situation.

College Nurse Consultation:

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss specific medical issues regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Hannah Cully, via email at I am more than happy to arrange a convenient time to address your concerns or questions about supporting your child at school.

Your prompt attention to updating the medical details is greatly appreciated and contributes to the overall well-being of our school community. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to a successful and healthy school year.

PCC Instrumental Music

Psalm 33:3 “Sing a new song of praise to him; play skilfully on the harp, and sing with joy.” As we settle back into familiar …


PCC Instrumental Music

Psalm 33:3 “Sing a new song of praise to him; play skilfully on the harp, and sing with joy.”

As we settle back into familiar routines & establish new ones, this year promises to be another year of growth & excitement in the Parklands Instrumental Music Programme. We have welcomed our new Give It A Go! students and continue to encourage our existing students to continue to learn & grow. We are excited to have access to a bit more space this year, so we’re looking forward to having music spilling out everywhere – there has never been a better time to be involved with music at Parklands!

We are also planning to hold our first Music Day Camp in Term 2, for bands, strings & choirs – watch out for more details on the way very soon. Your children will not want to miss out on this!

Lessons & Rehearsals

All Instrumental music lessons are now well underway, including Give It A Go! lessons, but it’s never too late to join in! We are happy to accept enrolments at any time during the year – simply download & complete the form attached, then return it to Student Services & we will get your child started as soon as possible.

Choir & Ensemble rehearsals are also in full swing, again with the exception of the Give It A Go! Band & Petite Strings which will commence in late Term 1. Further information about the Give It A Go! Band & Petite Strings will be coming in the next few weeks.

Ensembles & Choirs include:

  • Parklands Junior Choir (Year 2-4) – Monday, 1:30-2pm in Mr Goh’s room
  • Parklands Senior Choir (Years 5-12) – Thursday, 3:10-4pm in Mr Goh’s room
  • Wind Ensemble (Years 5-12, woodwind, brass & percussion students with minimum 12 months experience) – Tuesday, 7:30-8:15am in S6
  • Andante Strings (Years 5-12, string students with minimum 12 months experience) – Tuesday, 3:20-4:30pm in S6
  • College Worship Team (Years 7-12) – fortnightly Tuesday, 3:30-5pm in the Auditorium

All Choirs are open to all students regardless of whether or not they’re having lessons, and no experience is necessary. The Give It A Go! Band  & Petite Strings are generally reserved for students in the Give It A Go! Programme as they cater for beginner students, although other beginners may also join. Wind, brass & percussion students continuing to have lessons at school will play in the Wind Ensemble, and string students continuing to have lessons at the College will play in Andante Strings. Any other students who have lessons outside the College are also welcome to join ensembles; please contact to enquire about which is most suitable for your child.

Give It A Go! Band Programme

We’re excited to be welcoming our next group of Give It A Go! students this year. Lessons have started & students are beginning to take their instruments home – this is an exciting time in our Give It A Go! Music Programme! If you or your child are interested in joining in, please check the details below.

Instruments on offer in the Give It A Go! Band Programme include:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Percussion (includes drums, auxiliary & mallet percussion)
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass

There are a number of ways to be part of our growing Instrumental Programme – here’s how your child can be involved:

  1. Give It A Go! Band Programme – Year 4 students only

This is a one year beginner programme for Year 4 students, giving them the opportunity to learn a woodwind, brass, string or percussion instrument in small groups during school time. There is a one-off $400 levy for the year which covers all lessons & band rehearsals, a tuition book & use of a school instrument for one year. Some places for this are currently filled, however we do have a number of vacancies across most instruments. If your child is in Year 4 & would like to be involved, please contact us at

  1. Private lessons

Private lessons are available for piano, guitar, drum kit, voice, most woodwind & and all brass & stringed instruments. Lessons are scheduled mostly during school time, & fees are billed by & payable directly to the instrumental teachers at $36/30mins or $24/20mins.

  1. Shared lessons

Shared lessons are available for all of the above instruments except piano, guitar & drum kit. Lessons are again scheduled mostly during school time, & fees are also billed by & payable directly to the instrumental teachers at $23/30mins for a Group of 2 or $16/30mins for a Group of 3, pending availability.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded below, and are also available by emailing

02 PCC Instrumental Tuition Program guidelines and enrolment

Student Care and Wellbeing

Let’s Talk Cyber Safety! Let’s be honest, this is a huge topic of discussion at the moment, in all environments. It is something that we …


Student Care and Wellbeing

Let’s Talk Cyber Safety!

Let’s be honest, this is a huge topic of discussion at the moment, in all environments. It is something that we continue to navigate with students and parents in the wellbeing space. With technology continuing to take leaps forward, it can sometimes feel like as parents we are being left behind. We are still navigating social media and online interactions – then Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have people connecting with technology in new, exciting and sometimes scary ways. As a parent it can be easy to bury our heads in the sand and throw our hands up – too hard! But our amazing, intelligent, curious children need us in this space, both for understanding and for wisdom.

Social media is now a large part of people’s lives and especially those that are too young to deal with the freedoms and opportunities that these platforms give. It is really important that as parents we are setting our children for success in dealing with life and know to interact before allowing them on social media. Please check the age requirements of these platforms – most are above 14yr olds and some are even older. Check out the website at the bottom of this article for more information.

So parents, how do we do this?

Connection first. As parents we all care about our children, their wellbeing, mental health and social engagement. This is another part of our process in showing them love, care and wisdom – we are the parents so let’s be their first teachers in this area! Engage with your child. If your child feels safe to communicate questions, mistakes and their online interactions with you, they are more likely to come to you when things go wrong and they need support.

Set clear boundaries and be consistent

Getting some basic boundaries in place for technology both socially and in the home is a great start! There are some simple things we as parents can do to encourage healthy habits, respectful behaviour and safe interactions such as:

  • Parent has access to spot checks on use, emails, text messages and other social media
  • Screen time occurs in public areas of the house (no bedrooms)
  • Limit the use of social media platforms until the required age (most social media platforms are 13+) or later when you feel your child is mature enough
  • Wi-Fi to be turned off by a set time every night – use a charge box for devices and encourage evening family connection
  • Setup parental controls on devices, streaming services, web browsers and gaming sites. This will help to filter out inappropriate content.
  • Setup a cyber-safety net on all of your family devices. We recommend Apple Family Sharing, Qustodio, Google Family Link, or Bark. There are many out there so find what is best for your family.

Recommended resources

There are some incredibly helpful voices speaking in this space who are trained in the field of cyber safety and online engagement. We encourage you, as parents to get schooled in the technology your child is using, any media platforms that they are on and look at the resources that are available to you.

The ESafety website is always our first connection point for parents. They have relevant and comprehensive information for young people and parents regarding online safety and some links to further information, resources and webinars. They have some great videos for children also to engage in these early discussions.

Cyber Safety Solutions  – founder, Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in cyber safety and was a member of the Victorian Police for 27 years. Cyber Safety Solutions provide information, resources and education for parents and educators. She also provides a number of fact sheets on her website which we think you should take a look at! Here is the fact sheet providing some quick tips for parents in this space:

Common Sense Media has great ‘common sense’ reviews on APPS and games that our kids might be downloading and playing. If they ask to download something, or you see them playing something – take a look at this website and check out the reviews first!

Engage, connect and encourage!

Your child will make mistakes. Your child may be exposed to something that is unsafe or engage in curiosity and click on something that is not healthy for them. They may engage in unsafe behaviours themselves or send something to someone they regret. Whatever our kids go through and whatever mistakes they might make, our job as parents is to love and teach them through it with compassion, understanding and wisdom. If our heart is always to love, they will continue to feel safe to bring us these things without shame – allowing the process of learning and restoration to shape and guide them into the brilliant people they are!

Book of the month

Raising tech-healthy humans – Daniel Sih

Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, speaker and father to three children. During presentations with Melinda Tankard-Reist and Daniel Principe a few weeks ago with grade 5-12 students, Melinda recommended his book about online tech habits for kids – she said it is the best she has read on this topic and recommended every parent read it! It is also endorsed by best-selling author on parenting, Steve Biddulph. This book provides positive and thoroughly researched strategies to help set your child up with healthy tech habits for life. We have got copies for our team and will read it too – let us know what you think!

PCC Outreach

Adventures with Mrs Harder on the Global Mercy I am writing from my little classroom on board the Global Mercy. This behemoth of a ship …


PCC Outreach

Adventures with Mrs Harder on the Global Mercy

I am writing from my little classroom on board the Global Mercy. This behemoth of a ship is sitting in the dock of the capital city of Sierra Leone – Freetown. I am knee deep in Week 0, where I am preparing for my huge classes of 1-4 students who start school again next week. What a journey it has already been just to get to this point!

My husband, Peter and I first had to fly to Texas, USA for ‘Onboarding’. This program is mandatory for any volunteer who is committing to 2 years or more of service to Mercy Ships. It consists of 2 weeks of the Gateway program, where we learned about the mission and values of The Mercy Ships organisation, but also learned a bit about what to expect once on board the ship. The second part of the Onboarding process was basic training. Oh man!! I am now a fully trained fire fighter, survival expert and first aider and capable of repelling pirates. If you are in any kind of emergency, I am your gal!!!

After those 3 ½ weeks of intense learning, we finally hopped on our flights to Sierra Leone. We have been on board The Global Mercy almost two weeks now, and I am just starting to find a new rhythm as I learn to deal with the many differences between living here and my life back home. Some key things I have had to get used to:

  • As soon as I leave my cabin, there are people to greet – you must be polite and at least say hi and smile.
  • I have to leave my home (my cabin) to eat, do laundry, get a vacuum cleaner etc
  • My workplace is literally just up the stairs.
  • I see my students when I am eating my breakfast and when I am eating my dinner.
  • I can’t ‘just pop down to the shops’ or go for a walk (other than the walking track on Deck 10)

Freetown has a similar population to Brisbane, but that is where the similarities end. It is difficult to describe. I guess you’ll just have to come and visit me to find out.

The people are friendly and mostly helpful, but being out and about is sensory overload. There are sights, sounds, smells and tastes that create a distinct feeling of chaos. It is unsafe for a woman to go out by herself, so I cannot leave the boat whenever I want, which has taken some getting used to.

I give praise to God for giving me such a great group of people to do Onboarding with. We all arrived on the ship at the same time and will be here together for the next two years. I am so thankful for how friendly and accepting people have been. There is always something to get involved with and people on board are very welcoming.Please pray for me as I begin teaching next week. Although I have super small classes, the curriculum is very different, and these students are a unique group because of their life circumstances. I pray that I can quickly connect with them and build genuine relationships.My job on board is teaching the children of the other crew. However, I love that I am playing my part in the bigger mission of the ship, which is to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor of Africa. Please join me in praying for the many children and adults receiving eye and orthopedic surgeries at the moment on the ship.I miss my beautiful students at Parklands. You are all in my prayers as you also begin a new year. I pray that you continue to seek God’s guidance and to use your gifts and talents to glorify him.

Please continue to hold Mr & Mrs Harder in your prayers. If you’d like to contact Mrs Harder with a word of encouragement or prayer, please send emails to:-

My Cambodia Experience by Year 12 Outreach Captain, Pypah Reeves.

Coming back from Cambodia everyone asks you about the highlight of your trip. The trip was so amazing, there were too many to name. But there was a place that we visited that will always hold a special place in my heart. This place is the EPM village.

The EPM village was the first village we worked in, and we spent 3 days working there. I remember the first time I arrived at the village, on the way there I felt excited to start working but also anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as we arrived at the village, we were greeted by a massive group of kids who were so excited; one little girl even pulled me out of the van and gave me a big hug. The village was very different to our normal living standards, they lived in bamboo houses with no electricity, and no running water, and some families didn’t have toilets. You hear about these living conditions in less fortunate countries, but you will never truly understand it until you are there yourself. This realisation really hit me and made me even more motivated to work as hard as I could while we were there.

By the third day in the village, my group and I were finished concreting a toilet block for a family. I was informed that this is the first toilet these people have ever had and as heartbreaking as it was, I am so happy that they can now have access to one. We ended our time there by handing over everything we had worked on to the families and playing games with the kids. One of my favourite memories was made that day when the entire team, the raw workers, and all the kids in the village danced around and sang our team’s daily worship song. I remember taking a moment to look around and every single kid had the biggest smile on their face. I am beyond grateful that I had the privilege of meeting and helping these amazing people.

One of the biggest things I took away from that trip was to not take anything for granted. I didn’t realise how truly lucky we all are to be able to live with a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and access to education. I know that God put me on that trip for a reason and I am forever grateful that I got to be a part of this experience.

Thank you


We are thrilled to announce our upcoming fundraising event, the second Colour Run & Big Show, in collaboration with our Cross Country event, scheduled for Thursday 28th March. This event holds significant importance as we aim to raise essential funds for two remarkable causes: Bloom Training Vocational Centre and the Parklands Cambodia Youth Camp.

Bloom Asia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to offering survivors of exploitation the opportunity to discover healing, hope and purpose through vocational education. The funds raised will directly support their mission in Cambodia.

Additionally, our Senior Students are embarking on a meaningful journey this December by organising and running a Youth Camp for 100 Cambodian village students. Our students plan to make a difference in the lives of others in a practical way through biblical education, games & soccer while forming lifelong camp memories. The proceeds from our fundraising efforts will contribute towards this transformative experience.

Your support with this event is invaluable as we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

About the Day:

The Parklands Christian College Colour Run & Big Show is all about Fun! There will be huge inflatables, a foam party, an obstacle course with lots of colour and water. Plus, you will get to meet Chase the Cheetah! Think of it as a Fun Run carnival! This will be one of the most exciting days on our school’s calendar, with everyone’s participation the aim, so please make sure they attend on the day and cheer the other kids on! Students in Year 3 (turning 9 years) to Year 12 students will participate in our Cross Country in the morning, then after lunch the entire College from Prep – Year 12 will enjoy the super fun atmosphere of the Colour Run & Big Show.

Competition Time:

To get our event started off with a bang, we’re starting our BIG SHOW with a super easy competition! The class with the most online profiles registered by Wednesday 7th March will win a class ice block party! To help your child’s class win, simply create your profile at More information will be sent home this week via your Class /Home Class teacher.

The Friendlies

It was wonderful for us friendlies to meet with many parents and caregivers at the back to school BBQ and we enjoyed being able to …


The Friendlies

It was wonderful for us friendlies to meet with many parents and caregivers at the back to school BBQ and we enjoyed being able to come into the class rooms to share with you  more about who the friendlies are.  Thank you to those parents who have put their name down to help out on the BBQ at the cross country and help  out in some way at the Fete.  It was also great to have some people want to join our committee and we welcome them.

If you haven’t yet put your name down and would like to help out at these events, please use the link below to do so.

I would like to reiterate from the back to school BBQ event, that the Friendlies welcome feedback and ideas which we can also forward onto the principal on your behalf.

We are starting to organise details for the Fete and are excited to be having a cake decorating and arts category competition section this year.  So get those creative thinking hats on for what you and your family may be able to do for that.

Lastly may we be encouraged by this verse

Hebrews 10:24. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

Kate Harbourn
Friendlies Committee

Parklands Christian Church

Parklands Kid’s Church As we finished our series about Friendship, we all engaged in making bracelets. We had lots of giggles and laughter as beads dropped …


Parklands Christian Church

Parklands Kid’s Church

As we finished our series about Friendship, we all engaged in making bracelets. We had lots of giggles and laughter as beads dropped to the floor. I’m pleased to say that at the end we all managed to make not one but several bracelets each for our friends.

Our new series is on Integrity-What’s inside us is what matters. Discussing with the children how every piece of what is inside us has been made by God and is there for a reason. God has created us to share His love and to be honest in all situations. Our verse for this month is:

You will be safe, if you always do right, but you will get caught, if you are dishonest. Proverbs 10:9 (CEV)

I’m very excited to share that the kids have started practicing a song which we will share with the congregation on Easter Sunday. We would love for you to join us. Sunday 31st March 2024 at 10am.

If you would like to know more about the fun things we get up to in Kid’s church contact Angela Marsh via

Angela Marsh


ROAR Youth


Tuckshop news The tuckshop will be open EVERY day this year, Monday-Friday! Secondary Students please note all hot food purchased from the Tuckshop needs to …



Tuckshop news

The tuckshop will be open EVERY day this year, Monday-Friday!

Secondary Students please note all hot food purchased from the Tuckshop needs to be preordered online.

There is an opportunity for parents to contribute to the life of the school by volunteering their time in the tuckshop.

The tuckshop has been growing since moving to the new facility and with growth in sales we would really love your help!

Please contact our Tuckshop Convenor, Marie Rushin, on 0422 637 370 or email

Tuckshop Menu 2024


Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Trade Uniform Shop Hours (School Days Only) Mondays 8.00am – 10.00am Tuesdays 2.00pm – 4.00pm Thursdays 2.00pm – 4.00pm Uniform Shop Location Address/Parking: 24 …


Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Trade Uniform Shop Hours

(School Days Only)
Mondays 8.00am – 10.00am
Tuesdays 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Thursdays 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Location Address/Parking:

24 Hillcrest Rd, Park Ridge Qld 4125 (located on the left hand side, at the end of Hillcrest road).

For further information:
Phone: (07) 3380 4256

Uniform Shop Facebook Page/PCCUniforms

Purchase Uniforms Online



Community Notices

Logan City Council Pool Safety Education Program Swimming Pool Safety Checklist Park Ridge Panthers FC Netball In Sync Kids OT have a satellite clinic within …


Community Notices

Logan City Council Pool Safety Education Program

Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

Park Ridge Panthers FC


In Sync Kids OT have a satellite clinic within Parklands Christian College providing private Occupational Therapy Services specifically to students of the school. In Sync Kids Occupational Therapy specialises in sensory integration and neurodevelopment.  Kelsey Hackett is the Occupational Therapist and point of contact for the satellite clinic within Parklands Christian College.

Kelsey Hackett has experience working as a paediatric occupational therapist since 2015 in the United States and has relocated to Brisbane in 2021. She has her Bachelors of Psychology and Master of Occupational Therapy degree. She has worked in the clinic-based and school-based settings with children of all ages and a wide range of diagnoses for the past 7 years.

For any additional information regarding Occupational Therapy services, please contact Kelsey Hackett  and feel free to look at the In Sync Kids OT website for more information

Speech Therapy at our College

Does your child experience difficulties in any of the following areas?

  • Comprehension
  • Oral Language expression/talking
  • Written Language
  • Reading & writing/literacy
  • Listening and following instructions
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Voice
  • Stuttering
  • Socialising and friendship
  • Behaviour

If so it may be the result of an underlying speech and language difficulty. Speech Pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. Speech Pathologists assess and provide life improving treatment, support and care.

Michelle Sparg is an independent, mobile, private certified practicing Speech-Language Pathologist with 24 years of generalised and highly specialist experience having worked with Kindy, Primary and Secondary Students.

Michelle Sparg, a certified practicing Speech-Language Pathologist, is in her 9th year of working successfully at our school alongside students, parents, teachers and learning support staff to maximise learning potential within the classroom.

For further information on this highly valued service currently offered at our College, please contact Michelle Sparg on or 0435492716.

Tae Kwan Do

Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do classes have started up again in the school hall (BSC) on Mondays 3.30 – 4.30 pm.

New students and previous students are welcome.

  • First class Free
  • Family Concessions
  • Value Packed Family Activity
  • Over 50 clubs in Brisbane Area
  • Free Uniform offer (this month call now!)
  • Character Traits instilled in students from learning Tae Kwon Do are: Modesty, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit, Self Defence, Physical Fitness

For more information phone the instructor, Colin Garrick (8th Dan Black Belt 45 years experience teaching)  Ph: 0438 865 800 or the Club Office: 1300 101 303

Free Dental Care