Primary News

Prep Circus Day

The Prep staff and students alike had an awesome final day to the year with the annual Circus Day. After touring the Primary classrooms to show off their costumes, the Preps enjoyed the “Smartie Pants” clown show before heading to the Little Learners Centre to for an afternoon on the jumping castle. It was definitely a memorable way to finish our year before graduating to ‘big school’.

Mrs Foster, Miss B, Mrs Finlay and Mrs Hollenberg

Year One

Term 4 has brought about some wonderful experiences for all of us in Year 1. We are so proud of each and every child this year and will miss everyone terribly. Thank you Parents for your ongoing support and love this year. We truly appreciate all you have done to contribute to your child’s learning journey this year.

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the excursion to Sea World. It was a lovely day and a fantastic way to experience ‘up close’ how animals need different environments and conditions to survive.

Our Year 8 students also blessed us with a wonderful afternoon of activities in the last week of the term. The afternoon was well organised and the children had a great time participating in all the games and craft activities. Thank you Year 8!

We pray all of our Year 1 families have a blessed Christmas and a safe holiday break. We hope to see you around Parklands in 2018!

Mrs Clausen, Mrs Gowreah and Mrs Marsh

Year 2

Thank you for a wonderful year. It has been amazing to watch the growth of your children this year and we have enjoyed every moment of it.

To finish off the year we had a fantastic excursion to Dreamworld. The students had the opportunity to consolidate their learning of Indigenous cultures and explore the rides as a fun way to finish off all our hard work this year.

We would like to leave a few thoughts with our students for their future…

‘Believe in yourself
Ask if you don’t understand
Try your best
Be respectful of others
Use your manners
Listen to your teachers and your parents
Be kind to others and yourself
Most importantly, enjoy life with God as your guide.’

Have a blessed and relaxed Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all next year as you enter the next stage of your learning journey as Year 3’s.

Thank you,

Mrs. Penelope Daley, Mrs Jessica Bourchier
Mrs Pat Buckley and Mrs Nicole Lowe

Year 4

Late in term 4 Grade 4’s attended an incursion from Street Science “Rocket Science, the forces of Light”. This was a dynamic stage show that engaged all the students with hands on activities. The year 4 classes enjoyed the activities and were engaged in learning about Science. We intend to make this a yearly event.

Year 4 teachers

Year 6

As another year draws to a close, it is amazing to see all that has been achieved by the year 6 students. From the Primary Camp in week 3 through to the Graduation ceremony and awards night. The year 6 students have worked diligently and tirelessly throughout the year on each assessment piece, each report, and every step. In the last few weeks of their Primary school journey, the year 6 students were rewarded with an excursion to Dreamworld, where they not only had the opportunity to learn about Bilby’s, their natural habitat and food web, but also had the opportunity to go on a range of different rides.

Looking back over the year, as teachers we would like to thank all the students and parents for their support. We thank you for your willingness to work hard, we thank you for those parents who could join us on excursions and thank the students for making this year the best they could.

Whilst it is onwards and upwards for the Class of 2017, so it is also with year 6. We never stand still and we are always looking at how we can improve and 2018 will be no different.

Mr Holman, Mr Gowreah, Miss Warman and Ms Cooke

Primary Choirs

This year both Primary choirs have had an enjoyable year singing. Our Junior Choir welcomed some new Year 2’s who did an amazing job performing on stage and learning words to songs. There were plenty of performance opportunities throughout the year, including the Fete, Chapel Performances and Grandparents day. Both Choirs put in amazing efforts to sound great!

One of the highlights  was the Year 5-6 choir members singing at the Grand Plaza in a Christmas Carols competition. Parkland’s performance was outstanding and they received 2nd place in the competition. All students can be proud of this great achievement. The Year 6’s will be missed as they start middle school, some who have been attending choir since Year 2.

I’d like to thank all parents for their support by getting up early or picking students up late so they can attend rehearsals. Your support is so valuable.

Suzanne Patane

Primary Music Specialist